'The Simpsons' Got All Of Springfield To Show Love For Puerto Rico


Mmm, humanitarianism.

The team behind “The Simpsons” showed solidarity for Puerto Rico and reminded viewers that the U.S. territory still needs aid afterHurricane Mariapummeled the island nearly two weeks ago.

Sunday night’s Season 29 premiere episode ended with a still of the entire town of Springfield showing support for the island. 

The image featured Homer and Bart, held up by their respective adversaries — Nelson, a town bully, and Patty and Selma, Homer’s sisters-in-law. The picture also includes Marge holding a sign that reads “Unido” (“United” in Spanish) and Lisa, the show’s bleeding heart, standing in the foreground with a tear in her eye.

The image also directs viewers toUNICEF,One America Appeal, andSave the Children.

Hey, if Homer Simpson can find the time to take action, so can we.


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