'Kevin Can Wait' Botches 'Wife' Erinn Hayes' Death In Season Premiere


Some fans buried “Kevin Can Wait” for how it handled the death ofKevin James’ sitcom wife Donna on the season premiere Monday.

The show addressed her passing during a quick scene in which James opened a form letter from Donna’s old gym saying it missed her. James character said he missed her, too, and followed with a joke about a kung fu lesson coupon.

The episode didn’t explain how she died.

Erinn Hayes, who played Donna, was dismissed after the first season whileLeah Remini, James’ wife on his previous hit, “The King of Queens,” wasbrought on full timeas his former cop partner.

CBS announced in early August it would kill off Hayes’ character. CBS president Kelly Kahl promised the death would be treated “with dignity and respect.”

But that’s not how it went down in the Season 2 debut, according to some Twitter users.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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