My AP Top 25 Ballot: Georgia takes over top spot and BYU, Florida join the party

John Bazemore/AP

Alabama was the No. 1 team on my preseason AP top 25 ballot. Then the Crimson Tide went out and walloped Utah State 55-0 in their first game.

So why is there a new team at the top spot of my rankings this week?

It’s certainly nothing against Alabama, who very well could be the best team in all of college football. It’s simply impossible to ignore what Georgia accomplished in its opener. The Bulldogs didn’t just beat Oregon, they made the Ducks look like a FCS team and won going away 49-3.

Oregon was supposed to be a top 15 team this season and potentially the class of the Pac-12. If the Ducks are anything close to that, it’s scary to think how good the Bulldogs are right now. They lost what seemed like their entire defense to the NFL Draft and still made life miserable on Oregon’s offense, while putting up 571 yards of their own.

I decided to reward that type of performance by vaulting Georgia to No. 1.

Alabama drops one spot to No. 2, followed by Ohio State, Clemson and Texas A&M. I moved the Buckeyes up one spot from last week, because they beat Notre Dame, which was more impressive than Clemson defeating Georgia Tech.

Welcome to the party

It’s time to roll out the red carpet for BYU and Florida. They are both new to my college football rankings.

Florida earned its way in by winning a fun game against Utah in Week 1. I moved the Gators all the way up to No. 16.

BYU was one of the first teams I left out of my initial top 25, but the Cougars are now in the mix following a 50-21 road victory against South Florida.

Leaving so soon?

Cincinnati and Oregon both dropped out of my top 25 this week.

Maybe I am being too harsh on the Ducks, considering I had them ranked at No. 12 in my preseason poll. I didn’t punish Notre Dame or Utah nearly as severely for losing to quality opponents. The difference is, those teams put up a fight in their games. Oregon was a punching bag.

Cincinnati also fell off my ballot following a loss at Arkansas.

On deck

Hey Cincinnati and Oregon, don’t go too far away now. If you get back on the winning track it won’t be long before you’re invited back.

I also have my eye on Florida State, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Penn State, Pittsburgh and UCF.

Kellis Robinett’s Top 25

1. Georgia (3)

2. Alabama (1)

3. Ohio State (4)

4. Clemson (2)

5. Texas A&M (5)

6. Michigan (6)

7. Baylor (8)

8. Notre Dame (5)

9. USC (11)

10. Arkansas (21)

11. North Carolina State (10)

12. Michigan State (13)

13. Oklahoma (14)

14. Oklahoma State (17)

15. Miami (18)

16. Florida (NR)

17. Wake Forest (16)

18. Utah (9)

19. Wisconsin (19)

20. Kentucky (20)

21. Houston (22)

22. Fresno State (23)

23. Texas (25)

24. South Carolina (24)

25. BYU (NR)

Last week’s ranking in parentheses.