ANWA Round 2: inspiring the next generation of golfers

ANWA Round 2: inspiring the next generation of golfers

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – There were strong winds during round 2 of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur that made it tough for some of the players. But, they persevered and gave some of the younger patrons a lot to look up to.

Hannah: “What do you want to be when you grow up, Evie?”

Evie Pearson, Patron: “A golfer.”

Seeing these golfers play on a stage as big as this one is inspiring for children who have dreams of following in their footsteps.

The tournament is only on its fifth year, but you can see the impact it’s already had on the younger generation – especially little girls.

6-year-old Evie Pearson wants to play golf in college, and was so excited to meet the players she looks up to.

Hannah: “Who’s your favorite golfer out here?”

Evie: “Uh, Maisie.”

9-year-old Bobby Jones Black, Jr., great-great-grandson of golf legend and Augusta National co-founder Bobby Jones, said tournaments like this make him love golf even more.

“My great-great grandfather was one of the best of all time, and my dad has a charity about golf in mind. And I wanted to keep the family chain going,” he said.

Bobby’s father started a foundation called Generation Next Project, a nonprofit geared toward addressing youth mental health through golf.

To him, ANWA is a game-changer.

“Anything with the Masters and Augusta National, obviously as a family we really cherish that,” said Robert Jones Black. “When it was announced that they were gonna do a women’s amateur, that to me was like one of the best moves I’ve seen.”

I also spoke with the founder of the Par-3 Tour, which is based in Augusta and hosts tournaments for golfers of all ages.

Its mission is similar to ANWA, making golf inclusive for everyone.

“It absolutely is inspiring the next generation, and it’s an amazing event,” said Par-3 Tour CEO and founder Marcus Maddox.

And what’s most inspiring for little Evie, was a surprise to us all…

Hannah: “What’s your favorite thing about the golfers out here?”

Evie: “Uhhhhh… their hair. *giggles*”

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