Antonio reveals reason behind uptick in form

Michail Antonio

West Ham striker Michail Antonio has explained the reason for his uptick in form.

The 34 year-old has scored in consecutive games against Bayer Leverkusen and Crystal Palace after only scoring four in his first 26 games this season.

"In my career, I have always had little breaks due to hamstring problems, but since lockdown, we’ve not had much time off," Antonio told the Footballer's Football Podcast..

"I’ve been fit and playing back to back since lockdown. Because of this, football got a bit repetitive for me - I lost my enthusiasm. We usually get six weeks off in the summer but since lockdown its been two to three weeks and you're back in. I wasn’t enjoying the football. I became numb to it.

"I got injured and after being out for three-and-a-half months. It got me to miss it again. Getting back from an injury and missing the football has made me enjoy it again and the performance side has come back out of me as well."

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