Antonio Brown wants to be known as 'Mr. Big Chest' and he's ready for a new team

Antonio Brown is not a free agent. The wide receiver is still on the Pittsburgh Steelers, though there’s some question about how much longer that might be true.

But in Brown’s mind, he’s clearly made the break from the Steelers and is ready to move on. He posted a nine-minute Instagram Live video on Monday that featured him partaking in a self pep talk while working out on an elliptical. He pumped himself up, and also spent a little time talking about what he wants for his future. Surprise! The Steelers aren’t part of it, and neither is any contract that isn’t guaranteed. Via ProFootballTalk:

“If your squad want to win and you squad want a hungry wide receiver whose the best in the whole world, someone hit my phone. … Tell them I ain’t doing no unguarantees. I ain’t even gonna play myself no more for this NFL. . . . I think I done everything. What y’all think? What’s left for me to do? Win a Super Bowl? Gotta be the right team for that, right? . . . If your team got guaranteed money, they want to get to know me and work with me, tell them to call me.”

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He kept going after that, continuing to tell teams with guaranteed money to call him and get to know him. He also kept up the quality self-motivational speaking, saying he’s “still hungry,” he’s “one of the greatest to ever do it,” and telling everyone that they were looking at a “man body.”

Antonio Brown has given himself a new nickname, and continues to reiterate that he’s done with the Steelers and with non-guaranteed contracts. (Getty Images)
Antonio Brown has given himself a new nickname, and continues to reiterate that he’s done with the Steelers and with non-guaranteed contracts. (Getty Images)

The highlight, though, was Brown proclaiming near the end of his elliptical session that he’s done with people calling him AB. Now he wants to be known as “Mr. Big Chest.”

“Call me Mr. Big Chest! Big Chest from now on, Big Chest Brown from now on. Don’t even call me AB, just call me Big Chest.”

As if AB’s Instagram Story wasn’t enough to convince us — wait, sorry, he’s Mr. Big Chest now — that he’s ready to leave the Steelers and never come back, the NFL on ESPN Twitter account tweeted this video of Brown being interviewed at the NBA All-Star Game over the weekend. He’s wearing a luxurious fur (or possibly faux fur) coat, and he made his intentions very clear.

“I’m excited about the opportunity with any team that shows interest. I’m excited about the commitment to play football. Whatever team that gives me an opportunity, I think they’ll be excited about it.”


Besides more offseason training, Mr. Big Chest wouldn’t say anything about what’s next for him. He’s obviously put the Steelers out of his mind, but that doesn’t mean anything in reality. Mr. Big Chest may have said goodbye to the Steelers, but it’s up to the Steelers to trade him and make that goodbye official.

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