Antonio Brown releases vanity video, teases rap track, desperately needs new hobbies

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Antonio Brown has been keeping busy since rape allegations and a related civil suit in Florida led to his exit from the New England Patriots. He’s been shadow banned by the NFL while it investigates those claims, but he’s found things to occupy his time. He tweets, occasionally going on long rants that he later deletes, and recently offered himself as a Christmas present to Tom Brady. He posts on Instagram, and used it last week to apologize to everyone he’s offended.

Brown also stars in videos he posts on YouTube. They’re vanity videos that paint him as the victim, but promise that he will rise again. He posted one on Sunday titled “The Comeback Will Be Greater Than the Setback” and it’s truly the height of self-indulgence.

Just the first 30 seconds of the video shows that Brown may not have an accurate view of what’s happened to him since August. The narration casts him as a victim, someone who had nothing to do with the situation he’s currently in.

“In this world, you can go from the hero to the villain in the blink of an eye. One day you’re the fan favorite, the next day they’re burning your jersey.”

That narration is set to footage of Oakland Raiders fans embracing Brown, then jeering him and burning his jersey. Even that 30 second snippet ignores that Brown threatened to quit the entire NFL because he could no longer wear his preferred helmet, then forced his way out of Oakland a month later. That wasn’t circumstance, that was all Brown’s doing.

If Brown’s propaganda videos aren’t quite your style, that’s not the only thing he’s been up to. He’s also been rapping. He posted a snippet of a track called “Bad Decisions” that he’s been working on with actual professional rapper Sean Kingston, and it’s ... let’s just say maybe AB should stick to football.

Gotta love the words “bad decisions” floating across the screen at the start, warning everyone about what they’re about to hear and how they’ll feel when it’s finished.

Fans aren’t really feeling it either. Comments on Instagram include reviews like “horrendous,” “this is a cry for help,” and “look at this foolery.”

It might be time for Brown to get some new hobbies. Golf? Rock collecting? Hopscotch? The list is endless. He could grow out his facial hair and compete in fancy mustache competitions. He could become a roadie for Maroon 5. He could collect rare coins and travel the world looking for them while wearing an Indiana Jones hat. He could become a zookeper. He could learn how to ballroom dance. Those would be fun videos to watch, right?

Really anything would be better than what he’s been doing. Please get new hobbies, AB.

Antonio Brown needs some new hobbies. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Antonio Brown needs some new hobbies. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

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