Antonio Brown caps bizarre day by revealing he's 'The Masked Singer's' Hippo

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It’s 2019, and <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/24171/" data-ylk="slk:Antonio Brown">Antonio Brown</a> is dressing up like a cartoon hippo instead of playing football. (AP)
It’s 2019, and Antonio Brown is dressing up like a cartoon hippo instead of playing football. (AP)

Wednesday’s wild journey in the soap opera that is the Pittsburgh Steelers ended in the only way it could — in wholly appropriate insane fashion.

The day started with head coach Mike Tomlin addressing the revelation that star receiver Antonio Brown was benched for Sunday’s season finale after reportedly skipping practice over a dispute with Ben Roethlisberger. Tomlin confirmed that Brown skipped a Monday postseason meeting as Brown was sending cryptic messages on social media.

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Brown sends divisive message to former Steeler

Brown also sent a not-at-all cryptic message blasting former Steeler and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark as an “Uncle Tom” on Instagram after Clark criticized him on air.

It all led to tight end Jesse James likening his team to the Kardashians.

Strange day gets stranger

As strange is it’s all been, nobody saw Wednesday night’s big reveal coming. Antonio Brown is the Hippo.

Wait. Huh?

Brown is the Hippo, as in “The Masked Singer’s” Hippo. Fox’s latest singing contest abomination/bizzaro world children’s show features mysterious guests dressed up in elaborate costumes singing songs and leaving the audience and judges trying to figure out who they are.

One competitor took the stage donning a giant mask of a hippo with oversized glasses, a space force jacket and a bowler hat and belted out a mediocre rendition of Bobby Brown’s ’80s R&B classic “My Prerogative.”

Judges: That guy’s not a professional singer

Judges assessed that the Hippo was not a professional singer and likely an athlete. They were correct. Apparently the punishment for not being good at singing on the show is being exposed.

At the end of the show, Hippo was revealed to indeed be “Football Superstar” Antonio Brown.

Brown had a giant smile on his face after the reveal, demonstrating a level of joy not seen in Pittsburgh for most of the season.

It’s been suggested that the entirety of the recent drama engulfing the Steelers was all a giant ruse tied in as a promotion to Brown’s Hippo reveal. Of course that would entail Brown bailing on his teammates with playoff implications at stake in the name of competitive signing.

But that really wouldn’t be the strangest thing we’ve heard recently in the frequently colliding worlds of sports, entertainment and politics. Maybe Brown’s just fed up with football and making his next career move.

It is 2019, after all. And the way things have started, 2018 may have a worthy competitor on the things-can’t-possibly-get-any-crazier front.

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