Anthony Davis and Jimmy Fallon shoot random objects through a hoop (VIDEO)

As Thursday's draft approaches, presumed top pick Anthony Davis has embraced his newfound fame. In addition to the customary set of magazine covers and ESPN features, Davis has proven that he wants to be a presence in the larger culture, as well. He's already trademarked several catchphrases specific to his famous unibrow, and on Monday night he stopped by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to shoot random objects through a hoop with the host.

Davis didn't do an interview with Fallon, but his personality nevertheless comes across pretty well in the appearance. There's nothing inherently interesting about shooting root beer floats and Chicago-style hot dogs through a hoop — Dwight Howard's attempt at the same game proved as much. Yet Davis takes to the segment well, seeming pretty natural on camera and not trying too hard to be funny. There's something relatable about him even as he's about to make millions of dollars and be on national TV very often.

As a primarily defensive player, Davis has a bigger challenge to become a national star than recent rookie sensations like Blake Griffin. However, he's proving that he knows how to engage the public in an effective way. If he can meet his considerable potential on the court, Davis should be a fixture across national media for a long time. This Fallon bit could only be the beginning.

(Video via SLAM)

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