Anthony Davis has a pet marmoset, which is apparently a bad idea

New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is one of the most talented and effective players in the NBA, a bona fide superstar at just 22 years old. NBA fans and analysts haven't seen someone with his collection of skills and abilities in some time, or perhaps never.

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As far as I'm aware, we also haven't seen a professional basketball player with Davis's particular choice of pet. Because Davis apparently owns a marmoset (via EOB), a really small monkey native to South America:

Here's a better look, where we learn that his name is Meek:

Bucher's tweet notes that Meek has a caregiver, which is presumably the sort of extravagance that someone can only afford after he's signed one of the biggest contract extensions in NBA history. Yet it appears that employing such a person is a prerequisite of marmoset ownership, because these animals require an absurd amount of care. From the always helpful, here are just a few tips for taking care of a marmoset:

Why do Common Marmosets Make Unsuitable Pets?

Marmosets are wild animals and have very particular requirements

It is impossible to provide an environment as complex as in the wild [...]

The house will smell of the strong musky odour of marmosets (they scent-mark their surroundings) and furniture and fixtures may suffer damage [...]

Marmosets must be housed with other marmosets [...]

Human company or watching the television is no substitute for interaction with other marmosets

In other words, don't expect @NBAMarmosetWatch to show up on Twitter any time soon. Davis has proven capable of handling any responsibilities thrown his way so far in his career, but it appears Meek could be too much for him, or anyone, to handle.

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