Important scouting report update: Anthony Davis is good at dunking lobs on Tunisian dudes (VIDEOS)

If you're a New Orleans Hornets fan, you're probably eager to learn more about Anthony Davis, the 6-foot-10 big man who won National Player of the Year honors during his lone season at Kentucky and whom your favorite team just selected with the first overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. It's been difficult to scout him this summer, though — the 19-year-old saw just 27 minutes of floor time during three Team USA tune-up games before the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and received a team-low eight minutes during the Americans' Olympics-opening win over France.

On Tuesday, though, the No. 1 pick got some extended run, earning 14 minutes of burn as coach Mike Krzyzewski went to his reserves often during a 110-63 win over Tunisia. And in those 14 minutes, we learned at least this much about Davis: He is very good at dunking on Tunisian dudes.

Dunk No. 1, courtesy of Chris Paul (whom Hornets fans probably remember pretty well, but whatever, new day dawning, moving on):

Dunk No. 2, courtesy of Kevin Durant:

Dunk No. 3, from Paul once again (the 15-second mark):

Dunk No. 4, from Durant once again:

Dunk No. 5 came off a lob thrown from directly in front of the hoop by Andre Iguodala, who passed up a shot in favor of giving the youngster a good, lucky feeling, "Deep Thoughts" style. The Internet apparently has no love for it, probably because the play's producer is someone about whom fans are usually wrong. (Also, it was sort of a nice 'n easy finish for Davis. Not much thunder or flash.)

So, five field goals, all dunks, all off alley-oops. We can now feel pretty safe in saying that if you throw Anthony Davis a lob within about a foot of the basket, he can score points on Tunisian defenders. Not that there are any Tunisian players in the NBA, but still: Seems like a pretty good thing to learn. Yeah, science!

Oh, we also learned one other thing about Davis on Tuesday ... Salah Mejri can take him off the bounce with his left hand and beat him into the lane for a dunk.

Part of me wants to say Davis should tighten up his perimeter D if he really wants to be able to say he shut down the Black Mamba. Then again, when was the last time you saw Kobe Bryant take a first step that quick?

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