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Anthony Davis addresses Lakers moves, entering free agency

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The Los Angeles Lakers superstar joins Chris Haynes on the latest edition of Posted Up to discuss L.A.’s recent trade for Dennis Schroder and his own upcoming decision on whether or not to stay with the defending champs.

Anthony Davis joined Yahoo Sports thanks to Mobil 1, who is offering fans the opportunity to win some exclusive signed apparel. Entering couldn’t be easier, all fans need to do to be in with a chance to win is head to ProtectYourCourt.com, where they can sign up and learn more.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: You know, teams, when they want to repeat, defend that title, not every-- you know, it's seldom that the team just stays pat all the way down. Your team, you know, made some news today being Monday, you know, with the Chris Paul--

ANTHONY DAVIS: I don't have a team, Chris.

CHRIS HAYNES: Oh, I ain't even got to that yet, AD! I haven't got to that! You're getting ahead of me! You're getting ahead of me!


CHRIS HAYNES: You don't have a team! All right. There's one team that made a move-- I'll say that-- that team is the Los Angeles Lakers. They made a move. They acquired one of the of baddest six men out there, one is point guard Dennis Schroder.


CHRIS HAYNES: And they acquired him. What do you got say about that specific team over there?


CHRIS HAYNES: What do you think it does for them [INAUDIBLE]?

ANTHONY DAVIS: Did they pick-up, you know, with Schroder along Lebron, and other guys that they decide to opt or whatever? But I think it was a good pick-up, you know. Like you said, one of the-- can easily win Sixth Man of the Year any given year. Played great alongside, you know, CP and Shea.

And I think that, you know, he's tough. You know, he shot the ball well this year. He can get in the paint. He can find guys. And he's very, very scrappy. I think it was a good big move-- a good pick-up for Los Angeles Lakers.

CHRIS HAYNES: OK, that's a good move. And I had to ask you. You know, I broke some news myself yesterday, AD. I don't know if you read the news. I don't if you look at social media--


CHRIS HAYNES: --but I broke that sources told me that Anthony Davis is opting out of his deal, become a free agent, which will make him-- you the number one free agent out here. What do you have to say about just how this process is going to play out? I pretty much know what you got to say, but I've got to ask.

ANTHONY DAVIS: [LAUGHS] Yeah, all of my free agent questions will go to my agent, Rich Paul.

CHRIS HAYNES: OK. I kind of knew that. I could have did a source and reported that. But I've got to ask though. So let's move on since you didn't give that question any gas, maybe you'll give this question some gas. You're partnered with Mobil 1. You see that segue right there-- Gas, Mobil 1?

ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, I like that.


CHRIS HAYNES: So you're partnered with Mobil 1. And so obviously, fans would want to have an opportunity kind of win some free swag. Can you just talked about that partnership, how it came together, and what it entails?

ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, me and Mobil 1 are teaming up again. You know, I love cars-- you know, like you said, gas. And so it was a great, you know, partnership for me.

And you know, we're teaming up again to offer fans the opportunity to win some exclusive signed apparel from myself, a championship hat or a T-shirt signed by me. And the opportunity is open now until the end of the year, December 31.

And you know, they can answer by going to protectyourcourt.com. Sign up and have a chance to enter and win a signed championship hat or a T-shirt by me. So it's a great opportunity for me to kind of connect with the fans again since they couldn't be there to support us in a bubble Laker Nation and other fans of myself around the world. So it's a great opportunity for fans to kind of get involved.

CHRIS HAYNES: And people need to know that's going to be such an adult gift because that was a once in a lifetime bubble situation-- bubble championship.

ANTHONY DAVIS: Yes, absolutely.

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, this is-- I ain't gonna say the name, but I got a player who handed me one of his jerseys from the bubble--


CHRIS HAYNES: --with a social message on the back of it. You know what I mean? You ain't gonna get that anywhere else.


CHRIS HAYNES: That's [INAUDIBLE] right there.


CHRIS HAYNES: This a real good deal. But no, AD, best of luck on free agency, man. Best of luck on enjoying, I guess, the rest of the little downtime you do have, man. And hopefully, I'll see you sometime soon.

ANTHONY DAVIS: Thanks, Chris. Appreciate it.