It’s another weekend giveaway for Father of Mine

There’s been an interesting development regarding Father of Mine, my new mob novel set in 1973 and inspired by the actual activities of the crew that ran the town where I grew up. Though I can’t go into details currently, it’s enough to get me sufficiently motivated to give away not one but two signed, personalized copies of the book, later tonight.

To enter, send to and email with this subject line (and only this subject line): Father of Mine May 12 Giveaway.

That will enter you in a drawing to come at some point before I go to bed for a copy of Father of Mine that will be signed and personalized and sent to whichever address you give me. There will be two winners.

No purchase is necessary. But if you’d like to purchase the book, you can get it at The ebook is only $4.99, and the print edition is $13.97.

UPDATE 8:38 a.m. ET 5/13/23: Winners have been selected. Contest is closed. Thanks to all who entered.

It’s another weekend giveaway for Father of Mine originally appeared on Pro Football Talk