Announcer caught ogling ‘soccer moms’ on hot mic during Kansas high school tourney

An announcer who was working the third-place game in the Class 4A-1A girls state high school soccer tournament on Saturday has apologized for comments that were picked up by a hot microphone.

The Butler County Times-Gazette reported that announcer Toby Moore was working the game, which was being carried by NFHS Network. At halftime, Moore bemoaned the action in the third-place match between McPherson and Rose Hill. McPherson won 2-1.

A McPherson parent recorded the live stream and uploaded a clip to Vimeo, the Times-Gazette reported. Moore had apparently put down his microphone, but he could still be heard in the broadcast.

“Was that first half as ugly as I thought it was? ... My mind kind of flicked the ‘kill me now switch’ at about 30 minutes in,” Moore can be heard saying in the video. “If they are just gonna keep kicking the damn ball out of bounds and missing passes all day, I may as well just go home.”

“I just want to do a header off the top of the press box,” Moore continued. Unfortunately, it’s too low; it wouldn’t kill me. It’s like they aren’t even trying to pass. They are just chucking the ball downfield. A little technique will be nice. What the hell are they teaching these kids in practice? It’s unbelievable.”

Moore was discussing the first half with an unnamed person. The conversation then turned to female fans at the game.

The other person later said to Moore: “A bonus though of calling high school soccer, girls soccer, for high school? The soccer moms.”

Moore agreed wholeheartedly.

“The one that’s facing us? See if she can tear it ... off,” Moore said. “I can’t see the legs, but I can feel the (behind) from here. ... This conversation never happened by the way. We’d get in trouble.”

Moore did indeed ”get in trouble,” as he no longer will be allowed to work KSHSAA events.

The production company for the NFHS Network broadcast was 810 Varsity, an affiliate of WHB (810 AM) in Kansas City. According to 810 Varsity, it has worked as the production company for the NFHS Network since 2012. In that time, it has worked more than 2,000 KSHSAA state postseason broadcasts across 11 sports.

The Star has a partnership with 810 Varsity for some high school coverage, as well.

Chad Rader, president of 810 Varsity, told The Star the NFHS Network informed KSHSAA on Tuesday that Moore and other press box personnel involved in the conversation will no longer be affiliated with any Kansas postseason games for the network.

“The comments certainly do not reflect any opinions or values besides Mr. Moore’s,” Rader told the Star in an email. “Both Rose Hill and McPherson represented Kansas soccer at the highest level and enjoyed great seasons which should be celebrated.”

Moore issued a statement to Awful Announcing, expressing his remorse.

I would like to apologize to the Rose Hill and McPherson schools, players, coaches, families, and communities for my remarks last Saturday,” Moore said. “They were tasteless, stupid, and inexcusable. Those comments did not reflect the tremendous season and hard work both sides had during the year. Thank you to KSHSAA and NFHS for allowing me the privilege to call games on their network. I sincerely and deeply apologize for my tasteless and hurtful remarks and ask forgiveness from those that were hurt by my words.”

The video has been taken down by Vimeo, but you can see it here.