The animated Teen Titans attack the DC Extended Universe in hilarious new trailer

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With superfriends like these, who needs supervillains? A new trailer for the animated comedy Teen Titans GO! to the Movies — a big-screen spinoff of the popular Cartoon Network series — absolutely savages its live-action cousins in the beleaguered DC Extended Universe. From Green Lantern and Jonah Hex to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, almost no DC-made disappointment is spared from the sarcastic wrath of these youthful titans. Even Marvel’s merry assassin Deadpool comes under fire. One of the trailer’s funniest riffs involves the Titans tangling with frequent nemesis Wilson Slade, aka Deathstroke (voiced by Lego Batman himself, Will Arnett), who does bear a passing resemblance to the Merc With a Mouth. “Why does everybody think I’m Deadpool,” protests Slade, whose appearance in the DCEU was teased at the very end of Justice League. “He should be saying that he’s not me, because I came out way before he did.”

The suitably cartoony plot of this feature-length cartoon finds the Titans desperately wanting the validation that comes only with being made the subjects of an epic Hollywood blockbuster. Batman’s resident boy wonder, Robin (Scott Menville), is taking his absence from DC’s movie slate particularly hard. “Why don’t they take us seriously?” he wonders aloud while standing in front of a poster for a movie called Green Lantern Core, which appears to be about an apple core that scores its very own Power Ring. Hey, that’s not any more ridiculous than the actual Green Lantern feature we got in 2011! “There was a Green Lantern movie, but we don’t talk about that,” admits the Emerald Knight (Lil Yachty), seen here in his John Stewart identity.

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Other digs at DC’s track record of underwhelming superhero movies include a poster advertising the sleep-inducing cinematic brawl Batman v. Joker: Yawn of Justice and the presence of Nic Cage as the voice of Superman — a role he almost played in live-action form in Tim Burton’s “beautiful” Superman Lives. Not surprisingly, the only hero who emerges unscathed is the company’s reigning box office champ, Wonder Woman. Rule No. 1 of being a superhero: Don’t make fun of the Amazon.

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