That animated film about Chris Bosh as a space prince who saves the galaxy is finally out (Video)

Back in November, we told you about "Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse," an animated film produced by Miami arts collective Bleeding Palm for the Borscht Film Festival. The film — which grew out of an April Fools Day joke that the Miami Heat center/forward had agreed to sponsor the festival and a website redesign that "began to depict Bosh as a character in a larger mythology with an intricate system of rules [...] sort of an MMORPG combined with NBA fan fiction," according to Borscht Corp.'s Chris Quinn — was initially kiboshed by representatives for Bosh, who sent the film festival a cease-and-desist letter on the grounds that neither the film's makers nor the festival had "been granted any right whatsoever to use the Identity of Mr. Bosh."

Now, after five months of back-and-forth involving Bleeding Palm, Borscht Corp. and lawyers from Creative Artists Agency (Bosh's representation) and the NBA, the flick is finally free to see the light of day, just in time for Tuesday's Game 2 of the opening-round playoff matchup between Bosh's Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks.

"We hope it will inspire Bosh tomorrow night," Borscht's Lucas Levya told BDL on Monday.

The short is 11-plus minutes of sensory overload that mixes traditional and digital animation with live-action elements and features an anthropomorphic wolf shaman (the Mystic Wolfman Barfar, duh) plus plenty of space lasers and a tour-de-force cameo from Bosh's Heat teammate, Mike Miller. It also includes some bits of weirdness that might not be suitable for your workplace, like a couple of instances of animated nudity, some animated violence (specifically related to last summer's "Causeway Cannibal" incident in Miami) and a not-so-nice term for an aspect of male genitalia. There's nothing SUPER objectionable in my view, but I fully understand that my taste isn't everybody's taste and that your mileage may vary. (For the record, I think this is hilarious, brilliant and delightful.)

If you're up for the mind-jarring journey, you can watch the full short after the jump.

Here's a brief synopsis of the short, courtesy of Janie Campbell of Huffington Post Miami, to help you decide if you want to press on:

See, back in the day and worlds away, Bosh's father (filmmaker Barry Jenkins) made a last stand against the evil sorceress Jillian (artist Jillian Mayer), and was only defeated when distracted at the last second by his tag-along son. Jillian and Bosh then both fell through a wormhole, where she landed in a far-off Geocities prison only to plot a break-out by stealing time from distracted humans via various Internet time-wasters.

And Bosh, as we know, landed in Texas and 20 years later was playing for the Heat, consumed with guilt about his father's death and reading books like "Living With Not Living Up To Expectations." When Mystic Wolfman Barfar arrived in Miami to convince Bosh he was the only hope for defeating Jillian and saving the multiverse, well, let's just say that abdominal injury Bosh suffered in the Eastern Conference Semifinals wasn't what it seemed — and you won't believe who saves his bacon in the end.

Now, without any further ado:

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