Angry dad’s ‘ugly’ reaction to gender reveal horrifies TikTokers: ‘He’s acting like a 2-year-old’

A dad-to-be was less than thrilled to learn that his wife was pregnant with their third daughter, provoking some strong opinions on the matter.

The footage, originally uploaded by the mom, @kc.fulton, gained over 42 million views on TikTok — but it gained even more traction when it was posted to Twitter by user @notcapnamerica.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a dad has gone viral for throwing a tantrum at a gender reveal party, but considering the backlash this footage has been receiving, it might be the last.

Twitter user @notcapnamerica gained over 10,000 replies when he posted the TikTok video with the caption, “Serious question about these types of videos — what do you think it’s communicating to the other little girls when their dad reacts like this?”

In the video, we see the Fulton family gathered together for a gender reveal photo shoot. With her husband and two daughters by her side, @kc.fulton lifts an umbrella above her head and opens it — showering the family with a flurry of bright pink petals.

As the mom and daughters squeal with delight, Dad angrily shouts and curses, eventually walking out of frame altogether. Eventually, he crosses back into the video, only to cuss angrily again.

“I swear he’s happy,” the caption reads.

‘I think the marriage would be over for me…’

Viewers didn’t hold back in their response to @notcapnamerica‘s question.

“It’s so ugly. I would never post the video,” one Twitter user wrote.

“He’s acting like a 2-year-old. I wouldn’t post this at all. I’d also stop having kids with him too. Babies are blessings. Period,” one user commented.

“I think the marriage would be over for me right at that moment,” another comment read.

“Same vibe with gender reveals when dad jumps up and down and gets excited because, finally, A BOY!!!” wrote another user.

“I hate this. Telling your daughter you don’t want her or [that] she already disappointed you before she was born. Don’t have kids if you are going to continue to burden them with impossible expectations,” replied one user.

“I hope the [baby] that’s coming never sees this. This is awful,” another comment read.

Since going viral, @kc.fulton has disabled comments on the controversial video. But in a follow-up video, she insists that her husband “loves ALL of his girls and they love him.”

“He has loved his babies since the second he found out we were having them! He IS a good dad,” the caption reads.

Let’s hope all three Fulton girls — and every daughter around the world — will be celebrated and loved all their lives.

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