'Ange was spot on' or was he 'wrong to question fans?'

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Ange Postecoglou

We asked for your thoughts on the comments from Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou following yesterday's 2-0 loss to Manchester City.

Here are some of your responses:

Nick: He’s managed Celtic and the Old Firm games. Ange’s comments after the match and in the press briefing were spot on. He understands rivalry but also what the fans have been asking for years, to win something. This team is fragile, with some of them going to move on and Ange needs the finances and the support of the fans to make this a success.

Linda: I have supported Spurs for over 50 years and as much as I would hate Arsenal to win the league, I would always want us to win games, especially if it means us getting a top-four spot. Yes Ange is absolutely spot on, there are elements of our club that are flaky and I am hoping that he is the man to sort it all out - we need that winning mentality.

Jose: Ange needs to wind his neck in and show some appreciation to the fans who have been backing him and the team despite this dreadful run we are currently on. One away win in 2024. One clean sheet in 20 games. It's 12 defeats in 27 games. Easily beaten at home by all three of our rivals. Out of both cups in three matches. Do your job!

Raj: Although it wasn't quite as bad as Conte's comments (after the infamous Southampton game), it does have a similar feel of a broken manager who is frustrated and angry. I just hope it doesn't end up going down the same route. Ange has achieved something small but significant in his first season - give him the time, resources and freedom to continue!

Geoff: I thought that our manager was spot on. We need to give him our full support. He is a winner. How can we ever have satisfaction in losing a match? I was disappointed that we lost but proud of our players who matched Man City for most of the match. We must build on the shoots of progress this year. Come on Spurs fans exciting times, believe.

Jonathan: Ange is wrong to question the fans. It was he who downplayed Champions League qualification all season. It was he who said set pieces weren't important, it was he who refused to adapt tactically throughout the season, as it "isn't who we are, mate"! Yet last night, he suddenly changes all of that and questions the ambition of the fans.