Andy Reid's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction: 'I need to go on a diet'

In the midst of explaining his team’s latest comeback in the AFC championship game, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said that his team sometimes makes it “tough on an old man.”

Reid smiled. He also got a laugh when he admitted one pre-Super Bowl concern he has.

“Fired up to go to Miami,” Reid said. “I need to go on a diet so I can fit in my clothes. Then we can go do our thing.”

Does Reid not wear regular non-coach clothes before other games? This strikes a confusing tone.

Of course, Miami is warm, which means warm-weather clothes. Reid loves Hawaiian shirts and every year wears them in places such as Florida, Arizona and, yes, Hawaii. He looks good in them and shouldn’t worry if the fit is a touch snug.

You’re in the Super Bowl, Andy. We’re cool with whatever you do. As your former protege, Matt Nagy, would say: “Be you.”

And as for the root of this in-season weight gain, perhaps Patrick Mahomes and Co. have led to Reid stress-eating with the early deficits they seem to find themselves in. Of course, by the end of most Chiefs games, it’s all gravy.

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