Andy Reid, Kevin O'Connell and Dan Campbell earned A+ grades in survey of players

Three head coaches got A+ grades when their players were surveyed about them by the NFL Players Association.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was the highest-rated coach, followed by Vikings coach Kevin O'Connell and Lions coach Dan Campbell. Those were the only three coaches to get A+ grades.

Those ratings are no surprise, as all three coaches are known to be well-liked in their locker rooms and have had success with their teams.

Generally speaking, players liked their head coaches: Players graded their head coaches higher than team owners, practice facilities and other aspects of playing in the NFL that they were asked to rate. Nine head coaches got A grades and seven got A- grades, so a total of 19 of the 32 teams gave their head coach at least an A-.

One of the most interesting findings came from New England, where Patriots players gave Bill Belichick a B-, and ranked him 27th among the 32 head coaches in 2023. Belichick will be in the Hall of Fame some day, but his act had worn thin in New England.