Andy Reid: Gambling rules were addressed with Chiefs as soon as we landed in Las Vegas

The NFL's odd balancing act of embracing Las Vegas and the money that sports gambling brings in, while also trying to distance itself from the obvious concerns that betting raises about the integrity of the game, is one of the major issues facing the league with this Super Bowl. For the two teams, reminders about the league's gambling rules are a top priority.

In fact, Chiefs coach Andy Reid said today that when his team's plane landed in Vegas, one of the first orders of business was a visit from a league security representative to make sure everyone on the team understood exactly what is and is not allowed when it comes to gambling.

"We had the league security rep come in and talk to the guys right when we got here, I mean literally when we got here, and that was part of the conversation, was gambling. He made it very clear, restating the rules and regulations and temptations here, obviously, in Las Vegas. So that was addressed," Reid said.

The NFL is keeping a watchful eye in Las Vegas, with thousands of personnel here between the two participating teams, representatives of the 30 other teams, and league employees. The league office will breathe a sigh of relief if Super Bowl week ends without any violations of the league's gambling policies.