Andy Reid on Chris Jones: "If he's not here, the game goes on"

The Chiefs and defensive tackle Chris Jones continue to be at impasse. And not much seems to be happening to break it.

"There's been no communication, so I don't know what's going to go down," coach Andy Reid told reporters on Wednesday. "Whatever happens, happens, and if he's not there, the game goes on. . . . They got to communicate and do their thing. There's just been no communication."

That doesn't mean there won't be. It's possible that both sides are waiting for the clock to begin striking twelve before re-engaging. That's when both sides should move toward their best positions.

The real question is whether, once 12 o'clock arrives, there will be overlap. Jones reportedly wants $30 million per year. The Chiefs haven't been willing to go there.

Midnight isn't here yet, but it's coming. By the end of next week, the Chiefs will commence their preparations for Week 1. Presumably, the goal will be to get him there in time to get him ready for the regular-season opener against the Lions.

And if the game goes on without Jones, the Chiefs will be worse for it. They don't have another defensive lineman who can disrupt like Jones can. It will ultimately put more pressure on the offense to score points, because the defense will inevitably allow more.