Andy Reid chimes in on unideal grass conditions at Soldier Field

Andy Reid chimes in on conditions at Soldier Field originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The dried-up, brown spots on Soldier Field's grass were visible from the worst seats in the house.

A concert destroyed some of the grass in one of the endzones and left the field in shambles. The grass was covered in brown, dry spots with holes and shoddy conditions overall.

The field's condition was extremely noticeable and has become one of the biggest topics leading up to the Bears' first preseason game versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

The players took notice and adjusted accordingly this week. Once the game started, the president of the NFLPA shared his displeasing thoughts on Twitter about the situation. 

Now, Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, chimed in on the sitation.

"A lot better than my high school field," Reid said after the game. "Not much."

The field's condition is becoming an embarrassment to the team. The conditions of the grass are nearly unplayable, despite the NFL deeming they met the bare minimum requirements to play.

No NFL team should have to experience this. Unfortunately, the grass at Soldier Field has been a reoccurring mess for years. This time, the occurrence points fingers toward the Bears' likely departure to Arlington Heights as a solution to this ugly problem.

The expectation, however, is the grass will be up to par before the Bears' week one's game versus the San Francisco 49ers.

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