Andy Murray is efficiency personified in straight-sets US Open win over Francisco Cerundolo

andy murray v francisco cerundolo us open live score latest - Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports
andy murray v francisco cerundolo us open live score latest - Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

When Andy Murray overcame Novak Djokovic to lift the 2012 US Open title, the win marked the end of one phase of his career and the beginning of another.

Now, Murray will be hoping his straight-sets victory over Francisco Cerundulo – while significantly less high profile – will deliver a similarly transformational effect.

The last few years have been a frustrating time for Murray, particularly at the majors. Even when drawn against apparently unthreatening opponents – such as Yoshihito Nishioka here two years ago, or Oscar Otte at Wimbledon – he has regularly been sucked into mighty, operatic sagas lasting more than four hours.

At times, it felt as if this might be a mental issue. As if Murray was so desperate to spare himself non-essential work – because of the complications involved in playing with a metal hip – that he tensed up and ironically became less efficient. His very concern became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Against Cerundulo, though, Murray seemed calmer and more in the moment – as if he had been listening to whalesong before walking onto the court. Every time his opponent rocked him back, he breathed into his abdomen in the prescribed fashion and then pushed back all the more decisively.

With another unheralded opponent to come in the second round – American wild card Emilio Nava, who is ranked No203 in the world and needed five sets to squeeze past John Millman on Monday – this is a real opportunity for Murray to roll back the years. For once, he can simply pick up his racket and play, without second-guessing himself.

After the match, Murray acknowledged how relieved he was to have made relatively short work of Cerundulo, especially after the recurring issues he has suffered with cramp since flying to the USA in the early part of July. A 7-5, 6-3, 6-3 victory in 2hr 42min was – in a very literal sense – exactly what the doctor ordered.

“Mentally it's not easy going into a five-set match in those conditions after the way the last few weeks have been for me,” said Murray afterwards. “I did well physically and mentally to put that to the back of my mind and find a way to get through.”

Andy Murray  - GETTY IMAGES
Andy Murray - GETTY IMAGES

And what of the curious statistic that this was Murray’s first straight-sets victory at a grand slam in five years, since he disposed of Benoit Paire in the fourth round of Wimbledon 2017?

“I don't know why exactly that's been the case,” said Murray, with regard to his sequence of thrilling yet debilitating arm-wrestles at the majors. “Obviously I have been battling a few things the last few years. But, yeah, it's obviously nice any time, especially in those conditions and early on in a slam, to get through in straight sets.”

Cerundulo himself gave a warm assessment of Murray’s enduring qualities. “Of course he's not as he was when he was young. People say that he cannot move or he moves slower but today he was really good again, so he doesn't have to move that well.

“He will get that movement playing more matches and getting more rhythm but it's not that bad because he can read everything, so he can reach every one and his defence is amazing. It's fantastic how he plays with hip surgery. He's an inspiration for everyone."

Murray’s aggressive return game was at the heart of this morale-boosting result, which – even without the addition of unnecessary sets – must still have been a stern physical examination in humidity of over 60 per cent.

The first bead of sweat dripped off Murray’s nose as early as the first game, emphasising how close the conditions were. Both players left the court for a bathroom break at the end of the first set, with their clothing completely saturated. And in fact it was Cerundulo – despite being 11 years younger at 24 – who seemed to be feeling the heat more.

After the match, Murray revealed that his coach Ivan Lendl had advised him to keep moving the ball around the court as much as possible to take advantage of this disparity. (A new ruling at this tournament means that coaching from the stands is now permitted.)

Cerundulo is a somewhat one-paced baseliner from Argentina, whose only ATP title came on clay. His first serve is no great threat at this level, averaging only 107mph, and Murray repeatedly banged it back deep at his backhand, thereby exposing his weaker flank.

There was one unusual incident involving chair umpire Timo Janzen, who missed a tricky double-bounce call on the far side of the court. Cerundulo initially played on, perhaps not realising that he had played a foul shot, and won the point. But after protests from Murray, two enlightening replays on the big screen and an outburst of boos from the crowd, he sportingly allowed the decision to be reversed.

“I wasn’t going to steal a point,” said Cerundulo afterwards. He received a warm salute for his good conduct from Murray as they shook hands amicably at the conclusion of the match. “What you did in the first set was very impressive,” said Murray. “I really appreciate that.”

Andy Murray reaches US Open second round, as it happened

07:27 PM

Pictures of the match

Have a gander at some of these shots from the match:

andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest

07:19 PM

Next round opponent to be confirmed

Andy Murray's next opponent at the US Open is yet to be decided.

But what we do know is he will play in the second round on Wednesday, so there's a quick turnaround for the star.

07:10 PM

What a match!

This was billed as a tough match for Murray with Cerundolo having such a great year. But, though it wasn't perfect, Murray was able to banish thoughts about his cramp issues to seal his second round spot.

It will be a tough ask for him to go all the way but he is sure to leave his mark on this year's tournament.

07:04 PM

Murray speaks again

Andy Murray told Amazon Prime:

"Top win that, he has had an excellent year. I knew it was going to be difficult but I think I did well in important moments. He is top 30 in the world and is only going one way.

"I tried to use my strengths was the serve at times. I used my forehand down the line well. I didn't let him camp out on the back hand corner, I didn't let it happen too often.

"I thought I did well considering that mentally. It's not easy going into a five set match against a guy who makes you move a lot. It's important to give myself a pat on the back with stuff like that as it is rare anyone else does.

"I hope pretty dangerous, if I play like that and serve a little bit better which I think i will. When you land a first serve it's great but the ball is quick. Once that clicks I'll play better."

07:01 PM

Murray gives back to crowd

Murray has taken balls and is hitting them into the crowd. Supporters are jumping to get them, a nice touch from the former world number one.

I also just heard a fun fact, that was Murray's first straight sets win at a Grand Slam in five years.

06:58 PM

Murray speaks

Andy Murray has spoken after his first round win:

"That felt like five sets to me! It was tricky conditions today. It is very humid and hot. It was not easy he has had a brilliant year this year. I knew I had to play well and I did in the important moments.

"He [his coach] is a man of few words so he wasn't saying loads. But having him there supporting me is great, he is still there supporting me in this stage of my career many wouldn't have done.

"It seems like a long time ago [since he won the US Open in 2012], A lot has happened since there, amazing memories. It was a brutal final, it feels like a really, really long time ago.

"It was amazing. Sometimes the 11am matches are quiet but the crowd was brilliant. It helps when you get the support in these conditions, it pushes you."

06:55 PM

Murray celebrates

The British player fist pumps the air and lets out a roar after an impressive win. He could have done it in a quicker fashion but he took the shots when it was needed.

We should get reaction from Murray shortly.

06:53 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 6-3 Francisco Cerundolo

Commentators are saying Murray not seeing that out is all down to the sun but he has played better than that in the sun this afternoon.

Cerundolo's back hand hits the net, a shot he should have got there. The Argentine then sends the ball out, hanging his head in frustration, and another point for Murray sees him just one away from the second round. The loudest noise from the crowd as the Brit looks to win this.

Cerundolo clinches the next point though, impressive under this pressure, but we have two more match points to come. Murray can't return the ball and Cerundolo is coming back into this game. The crowd are raucous again as Murray has another opportunity to seal the victory and he does it! Cerundolo sends the ball out and Murray is ecstatic!

06:49 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 5-3 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

The crowd are in full voice as Murray steps to serve for this match.

The knowledge of that could be weighing on him as he hits the ball out but the sun is also right in his face here. He then hits the ball to the net but Cerundolo then does the same, 30-15 to the Argentine.

Murray uses a good forehand to make it 30-30, just two points to the second round. Some great shots made by both and Murray is unlucky to see his just out - Cerundolo given break point. And he holds it!

06:43 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 6-3, 5-2 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Murray is just a game away from the second set and he knows it, he wins the first point. But Cerundolo isn't done yet, he sends the ball just out of Murray's range to make it 15-15.

Cerundolo then hits the net, the pressure on his shoulders, but he gets around Murray to put it 30-30.  Cerundolo gets to a game point and seals it! He isn't giving up here, can he claw his way back? It will be tough with Murray now serving for the match.

06:40 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 5-1 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray tries to get to a shot but it's called out on the baseline to put the Brit 15-0 up.

A good one, two from Murray sees a skidding Cerundolo shot hit the net. Murray is in touching distance of the win if he can close up this game but Cerundolo does so well there! Murray comes forward and returns a drop shot but Cerundolo lobs him.

Murray gets in a game point position with a smash shot and he seals the game with a ball clipping the net. Cerundolo does return it but it goes out.

06:34 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 6-3, 4-1 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

This time it is Murray who presses the ball out, the accuracy not quite right. A double fault from Cerundolo puts the game 15-15 but the Argentine sneaks ahead with another error from Murray.

It goes 30-30 with another ball going out, you can tell both are starting to tire with the long rallies more rare. Murray can't return the serve and so Cerundolo has game point but it is sent to deuce as a skidding Cerundolo can't reach a forehand Murray shot. The Brit gets the advantage as Cerundolo gets to a drop shot but can't get it over. Break point for Murray, a familiar spot for him in this match, but Cerundolo sends it back to deuce.

Advantage goes Murray's way with a forehand shot going beyond Cerundolo but, again, we return to deuce. For the third time Murray gets the advantage, this time through an error from Cerundolo, and this time he holds it and breaks the Argentine.

06:25 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 3-1 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray hits the net but Cerundolo then hits it out - the tale of this match really, a real back and forth between them.

Cerundolo forces a ball out, a shot he should be making which is shown with him covering his arm with his face. And again it's out for the Argentine, when he isn't making unforced errors he is deadly - hence the frustration.

Game point for Murray and he gets it with a soft touch from Cerundolo hitting the net.

06:20 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 6-3, 2-1 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo comes close to the net and sends Murray the wrong way, despite being behind here the Argentine is putting up a fight.

Murray's next shot is out and a pinpoint ball from Cerundolo puts him 40-0 up. A risky bounce over the net comes again but Murray is quick to it and puts it past Cerundolo but Murray puts it wide to give Cerundolo his first game of the third.

06:16 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3, 2-0 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo apologises as his shot just bounces over the net to give himself the lead in this game.

Murray has called over a ball girl to wipe the court down, before he takes his next serve. He makes it 15-15 with a good shot down the right and he gets the next point 30-15. Cerundolo looks to the sky after another shot hits the net, the frustration clear to see.

A double fault from Murray puts the game 40-30 in the Brit's favour and another puts it at deuce. Murray gets the advantage and he roars in celebration, he can taste the win he just needs to see out this set. And Cerundolo sends his shot out with Murray clinching the game.

06:09 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 6-3, 1-0  Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo starts the third set with a point but Murray hits a great drop shot to put it 15-15. Commentators have said Murray will want to wrap this up quickly to give himself every advantage going forward at the US Open.

Murray gets the next point but it goes to 30-30 with Murray pushing it out. Murray has the game point with Cerundolo's back hand hitting the net.

Murray had break point in his hand but a wide shot sent the game to deuce. The Brit got the advantage, and once again the break point, and he didn't make the same mistake twice! Cerundolo's shot is out and Murray is ahead in the third.

06:02 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 6-3 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray is serving once again for the set and wow what a way to start it! A sneaky shot from Cerundolo just rolls over but Murray gets to it and then returns a shot later with a smash.

Cerundolo hits the net after a good rally and Murray does the same with the next phase of play. This is such a great game for long rallies!

A great serve from Murray sees Cerundolo unable to return and the Brit is one point away from this second set. And there it is. Cerundolo sends it out and he is two sets up/

05:57 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 5-3 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo plays a great shot there, directing Murray around the court and popping a drop shot that is beyond the Brit.

And again, this time through a powerful forehand. Is this going to mirror the first set where he pushed Murray all the way?

Murray's return goes straight out and Cerundolo is 40-0 up. Murray does well to make the Argentine second guess him as he sends him the wrong way, 40-15. But Cerundolo seals the game, game on!

05:52 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 5-2 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray is serving for the set but it is Cerundolo who gets the first point with a drop shot hitting the net.

The Argentine may be down but he is not out! A great rally ends with him moving Murray around the court and securing a point through his forehand. Murray gets his first point of this game after Cerundolo returns Murray's smash shot but it goes out.

Cerundolo plays a wonderful drop shot and although Murray got to it, he can't get the ball over the net. Break point here for Cerundolo but he won't do it there as his shot goes out.

The 24-year-old has another break point and he clinches it! Wow, I thought Murray was going to sew the second set up there but Cerundolo is still in this.

05:47 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 5-1 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Murray's shot it out on the baseline but Cerundolo hits one out to which puts it 15-15.

A good rally ends with Murray's back hand hitting the net. He doesn't look too happy about something, unclear as to what. Cerundolo gets game point with Murray again putting too much on his shot and an ace gives him his first game of the second set.

05:43 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 5-0 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

There are little breaks between points at the moment and the umpire is telling fans to stop moving behind the players.

Murray quickly gets to 30-0 in a familiar tale of this second set. A double fault from Murray gets Cerundolo into this game but he can't return the next serve to put Murray 40-15 up.

And Murray hit a pinpoint shot to win the game, this is turning into a rout.

05:40 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 4-0 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

The pressure is getting to Cerundolo, he hits his first serve out and then hits the net - he does eventually get the serve away and win the point but he is visibly frustrated on court.

Murray clinches the next point as he lets Cerundolo's shot go out of play. Again, in almost the exactly same spot, Cerundolo sends the shot out but the next point does go the Argentine's way with Murray sending it out. Murray gets a game point with Cerundolo's shot having too much on it and the Brit has a break point once more.

It's a double break in this second set, Murray is racing to this.

05:34 PM

Andy Murray 7-5, 3-0 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo makes a beautiful shot. Murray thinks he has him with a drop shot but his opponent reaches the ball and lobs him.

Murray levels the scores as Cerundolo pushes his shot out but Murray then does the same. The Argentine waves his arms in frustration as he hits the net to put the score 30-30 and again he hits the net to give Murray game point.

Murray can't clinch the game quickly as he puts in a forehand which whacks the ball out and they head to deuce. A back hand glides from Cerundolo but it doesn't have enough on it and it hits the net. Cerundolo's shot goes out and Murray races to a 3-0 lead in the second set.

05:28 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5, 2-0 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo hits the net meaning Murray has won every point of this second set so far. A double fault from the 24-year-old puts Murray 30-0 up and Cerundolo again hits the net to give Murray break point. It seems the Argentine hasn't shaken off losing the first set.

A long, long rally sees Cerundolo win a point as he pips him close to the net. But Murray seals the game by forcing Cerundolo to the left and his return doesn't have enough on it.

05:24 PM

Andy Murray 7-5 1-0 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Both players went off court between sets, that first set lasted around an hour.

An ace from Murray gets the second set underway. Cerundolo's return slice sails into the air and out of shot as Murray races to a 30-0 lead. Again Cerundolo hits it out and he is sewing up this first game of the second set quickly.

And there it is, Cerundolo is out on the baseline and Murray has the game.

05:16 PM

Andy Murray* 7-5 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo pushes his shot out, if Murray wins this game he will take the set.

The Argentine hits out once again, a bit of frustration coming from him. Murray tries to lob Cerundolo as the 24-year-old comes to the net but he returns it and his smash wins the point.

Murray can't return a powerful serve to make it 30-30. Cerundolo pushes it out, another forehand error, and despite challenging the call it is Murray who is 40-30 ahead. A break point for the Brit and  a double fault gives the first set to Murray.

It's great for Murray to take that set but wow Cerundolo has pushed him hard.

05:10 PM

Andy Murray 6-5 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

An ace for Murray starts the game with pressure on his shoulders after being 5-2 up earlier in this set.

Cerundolo then hits the net and Murray hits another ace to go 40-0. Another ace sees him take the game quickly.

05:07 PM

Andy Murray* 5-5 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

A break in play for the players ensues but the match is back underway with Cerundolo hitting the net.

A very impressive rally between them ends in Cerundolo clinching the point. Both players made great shots there but Murray isn't happy as he believes there was a double bounce.  It has been shown on the big screen and the crowd is booing, it does look like a double bounce. Cerundolo has seen it and has told the umpire to give the point to Murray - what a great moment of sportsmanship.

He follows that up with two great points to go 30-30. He claws back to get game point but Murray has a shot which makes the Argentine check to see if it's in. It is but only just. Cerundolo gets the advantage and he takes the set after a lengthy rally ends in Murray hitting the net. What. A. Match.

04:58 PM

Andy Murray 5-4 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

An ace from Murray gets the game underway but a double fault follows it up to put it 15-15.

The next point looked sure to go Murray's way but his smash goes out of play, a groan from the crowd after the uncharacteristic error. A shake of the head comes with Cerundolo winning the next point, putting the Argentine on break point.

A long rally ends in Murray's shot out, broken and losing control of this set.

04:54 PM

Andy Murray* 5-3 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Murray has had a word with the umpire and has asked his empty bottles aren't removed so he can keep count of how much fluid he has had - he has been suffering with cramp heading into the match.

Points are exchanged early in the game but Murray goes 30-15 ahead with Cerundolo hitting the net. Murray's shot is judged out, he did ask for it to be checked but the call stood.  A great rally sees Cerundolo force Murray to hit the net to put him on game point.

Under pressure Murray uses two good forehand's to send the game to deuce. Cerundolo gains advantage through a powerful serve and wins with an ace!

04:48 PM

Andy Murray 5-2 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray does well close to the net, even a stretching Cerundolo can't return the drop shot.

The British player is getting more frustrated with every mistake he makes. Another roar is heard as he hits the net following a good serve.

Cerundolo hits the next with the next spell of play, Murray 30-15 ahead. And again the Argentine can only return the serve to the net with Murray now on game point. Cerundolo sends his shot out and Murray is just a game away from the first set.

04:44 PM

Andy Murray* 4-2 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

A break for the players allows them to take on water with commentators reporting a humid day in New York.

Play is back underway and Cerundolo hits the net, a common theme this afternoon, to give Murray a 15-0 advantage. But the Brit's next shot is ruled out to level the scores.

Murray does well to stop an ace but the rally ends with him hitting the net. The Brit once again hits the net and a scream of frustration comes from Murray as his opponent now has game point. Murray then puts the ball out.

04:39 PM

Andy Murray 4-1 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo comes off the better after yet another rally but Murray uses a deep shot which gets past the Argentine.

Cerundolo pushes his next shot out, frustration starting to show and the crowd showing support to Murray may not be helping. Again the 24-year-old's shot is out and Murray has game point.

A powerful forehand pushes Murray to one side of the court and Cerundolo makes sure he can't return his next shot to put the game 40-30.  But Murray seals the game in the next point.

04:32 PM

Andy Murray* 3-1 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

After a slight break play is back underway. Murray goes 15-0 up, the Brit has found his feet in this match now.

Cerundolo's incredible forehand sees him level the scores, that shot is impressive every time he plays it.

Murray wins two points in quick succession and he is once again on the verge of  breaking Cerundolo. And he does it! The Argentine tries to finesse Murray close to the net but the Brit pings it over his head.

04:29 PM

Andy Murray 2-1 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray takes the first points of the game for the first time in this match. Cerundolo once again hits the net.

However, he doesn't immediately build as Murray sends his shot out. A huge rally once more ends in a beautiful shot from Murray - he returns a drop shot and runs back to return an overhead shot to take the point.

Cerundolo's powerful forehand comes into play to level it 30-30 but it is Murray who has game point first as the Argentina again hits the net. And there it is, Cerundolo hits the net once more and Murray takes the game.

04:23 PM

Andy Murray* 1-1 Francisco Cerundolo (* denotes the next server)

Cerundolo gets the first points of the second game as his shot hits the net but rolls over to Murray's side of the court. But the Argentine hits the net once again, this time the roll isn't kind and it's 15-15.

The 24-year-old won the next two points in quick succession with the afternoon looking like a long one for Murray. The Brit is playing well but so far Cerundolo is doing enough to keep control.

Or is he? Cerundolo tries a clever move but he under hits the drop shot and hits the net, 40-30. And again he hits the net and the game is sent to deuce. Murray has the advantage as he runs Cerundolo around the court and the Brit pushes a backhand over his opponent.

Break point here for Murray and he does it. What his opponent do he can do too.

04:17 PM

Andy Murray 0-1 Francisco Cerundolo* (* denotes the next server)

Murray is the first server of the match and after a strong rally, over ten shots back and forth, it is the Argentine who wins the first points as Murray hits it out.

Another strong rally between the pair this time see Murray come up trumps with Cerundolo's shot sailing out of play. Murray doubled down with a cracking serve and Cerundolo hit it out to put Murray 40-15 ahead.

An amazing rally with both players making the other run around the court ends with a superb light close net shot from Cerundolo. This is a cracking match already! The Argentine levelled the scores to deuce with Murray hitting the net and Cerundolo had a break point with Murray's return shot just out of play. And he has done it! Murray pushes it out after coming up to the net.

04:04 PM

Moments away...

There isn't a huge crowd here but both players came out to a great reception.

We are just moments away from getting underway.

04:02 PM

Here we go!

They are out and preparing to get this first round match underway.

10 years since Murray won the US Open, can he get his campaign off to a good start? Or will Cerundolo take the win? We will soon find out.

03:59 PM

No sign of players yet...

Both players are due out on court at 4pm BST but we haven't seen them yet.

The commentators are discussing the British prospects and they are pipping Cameron Norrie as the British man to watch. Jack Draper, Dan Evans and Murray will be trying to prove they are the ones we should have our eyes on...

03:52 PM

Raducanu garnering attention

Defending champion Emma Raducanu is the focus of the coverage in the build-up into this match, which isn't surprising with her success last year being one of the best British tennis moments of all time.

She has had a good build-up, including beating Serena Williams. Raducanu will open her campaign against Alizé Cornet tomorrow.

03:45 PM

Who will take the win?

There is less than 15 minutes until the players are due out on court at Flushing Meadows.

It could be a fairly even contest but the more likely of tales is Andy Murray looking at an early exit. Can he overcome Cerundolo? We will find out shortly.

03:38 PM

Murray's verdict on Draper's potential

Andy Murray has had his say on up and coming star Jack Draper and the verdict is glowingly positive.

Murray said of his compatriot to the ATP website:  “He doesn’t have huge weaknesses in his game. For a lot of guys his size that are lefties that I’ve played against in the past, maybe [they] don’t return that well.

"But he is a good returner for a big guy. The two most important fundamental shots in the game he does well. He serves well, returns well."

andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest

03:30 PM

Cerundolo used to tough first rounds

Francisco Cerundolo has experience at Grand Slams but not only that, he has been dealt a tough first round before.

At this year's Wimbledon he faced Rafael Nadal in the opening round. Though the Argentine fell to defeat, he did push Nadal to four sets and didn't let the 22-time Grand Slam winner have it all his own way.

So while Cerundolo does face a three-time Grand Slam champion in Andy Murray, it may be the Brit who has a tough day at the office.

03:22 PM

Will cramp hurt Murray's chances?

We are just over 40 minutes away from the match getting underway. Murray has suffered with cramp in the build-up but sweat tests have not shown any reason for it, will it affect him today?

andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest
andy murray vs francisco cerundolo live score us open 2022 latest

03:14 PM

Which other Brits are at the US Open?

Murray will be flying the British flag today at Flushing Meadows but there are a lot of other players representing Britain at the event.

Of course there is defending champion Emma Raducanu in the women's singles event and in the men's singles there's the likes of Jack Draper and British number one Cameron Norrie.

Norrie, who will play Benoît Paire tomorrow, said: “Just same goal, to try make the second week again and then go from there, but it’s kind of seeing the draw and seeing the other guys out there it’s absolutely packed. It is so strong, so I’m gonna have to keep progressing and keep playing at an even higher level to hang with these guys.”

03:07 PM

Murray on previous US Open win

British star Andy Murray has been reflecting on his previous glory at the US Open in the build-up to the first round match.

He won the trophy back in 2012 and he has said:

“At the time, that was a huge moment for me,” he said. “I’d been put under a lot of pressure to try and achieve that.

“A lot of what I’d achieved in my career up to that point it felt, to me anyway, kind of irrelevant because of the questions I’d continued to get asked about winning slams. Am I good enough? Am I fit enough? And am I mentally strong enough?”

03:00 PM

Murray to take on tough first round

Former world number one Andy Murray will face 24th seed Francisco Cerundolo in the first round of the US Open and if that wasn't tough enough the British player has been suffering with cramp.

Murray, who won the Grand Slam trophy at Flushing Meadows in 2012, says he is taking precautions to try to ensure it doesn't impact his game this afternoon.

“I’ll probably try to monitor it closer when I’m playing the match and just be a bit more precise with that stuff,” Murray said. “Usually I’m pretty good with it but it’s quite a fine balance to make sure that you are getting the right fluids and stuff when you’re on court.”

Murray last won a Grand Slam title in 2016 at Wimbledon and he is coming up against a rising star in Cerundolo. The Argentinian won his first career title in July at the Nordea Open and he has risen to world number 27. So the match, which is due to start at 4pm BST, is certainly a veteran against the new kid on the block.

Murray did not only focus on his game in the media rounds as he hailed Serena Williams, who has implied this year's US Open will be her last.

"Serena is much bigger than tennis," Murray added. "She is a proper global sports superstar pretty much everywhere she goes and I think she will go down as the greatest female player of all time."

Williams gets her US Open campaign underway against Danka Kovinić at midnight.