Andrew McCutchen didn't think son would recognize him after shaving for Yankees debut

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Andrew McCutchen officially made his New York Yankees debut Saturday a little more than 24 hours after being acquired from the San Francisco Giants.

That’s pretty big news. However, it’s what McCutchen had to do in between learning of the trade and making his first Yankees appearance that’s garnered most of the attention so far.

McCutchen had to make a sacrifice. His trademark facial hair that followed him from Pittsburgh to San Francisco had to go because of the Yankees strict facial hair policy. Before Friday ended, McCutchen parted with his beard and debuted his new look on social media.

As we learned Saturday though, the process wasn’t as simple as it might sound. That’s because McCutchen was concerned that his nine-month son, Steel, might not be happy about his dad’s new look. Or worse yet, he was concerned his young son might not even recognize him. That’s when McCutchen devised a plan to help ease the transition into his new look.

Andrew McCutchen’s grand shaving plan

Rather than risk startling his son by emerging with a new look out of nowhere, McCutchen actually included Steel in the process.

It sounds like the plan worked too.

That’s something to keep in mind for all you future Yankees out there who also have young children.

New Yankees outfielder Andrew McCutchen shows off his clean shaven look before making his debut in pinstripes. (Getty Images)
New Yankees outfielder Andrew McCutchen shows off his clean shaven look before making his debut in pinstripes. (Getty Images)

Yankees facial hair policy

Of course, McCutchen being forced to shave also has people talking again about the Yankees facial hair policy, or their “appearance policy” to be more specific. Per the policy, all players, coaches and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches and scalp hair may not be grown below the collar. The only noted exception is for religious reasons.

The policy was first instituted by former owner George Steinbrenner all the way back in 1973. It’s been challenged a few times by players, including Don Mattingly, who was once benched for failing to cut his hair. Strangely, Mattingly would briefly institute a strict hair policy himself while managing the Miami Marlins. It didn’t last long.

The Yankees policy has certainly stood the test of time, forcing McCutchen and other stars like Johnny Damon to trim their locks and shave their beards. It’s definitely a more professional look, but one has to wonder what purpose it really serves in 2018.

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