Andrew Bynum’s hair made the trip to Cleveland, everyone

OK, so, there are obviously at least a few things about Andrew Bynum's nightmarish yearlong stint in Philadelphia that Ohioans probably don't want the talented but injury-prone 7-foot center to bring with him to Cuyahoga County now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have signed the risk/reward poster boy to a two-year free-agent contract. Deep down in their heart of hearts, though, I'm willing to bet there was this one thing that Cavs fans were hopeful that the 25-year-old pivot would carry over to Cleveland ... and thanks to this candid shot of the big man at Potbelly's ("Good vibes, great sandwiches"), we know that he has:

Yes, as has been discussed before, this is almost surely the result of Bynum having just had the braids he's worn of late taken out, and is not in and of itself out of the ordinary. And yes, it is still pretty great to see a 7-foot tall man become (conservatively) 7-foot-4 based solely on his belief in extending the principle of follicular verticality at lunchtime. Things can be both normal and great; the two things are not mutually exclusive. (This, of course, becomes significantly greater and perhaps less normal if Bynum was just walking around with the Tristan Thompson bobblehead positioned just to his right.)

Here's hoping Bynum can finally get his wheels in working order so that we might see something resembling this particular stylistic choice on an NBA court in the near future. This, as much as quality back-to-the-basket scoring and occasional ill-advised forays into 3-point shooting, sure seems like something the game's been missing.

Hat-tip to Reddit's thriving and lovely NBA community, by way of SLAM's Marcel Mutoni.

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