Andrew Bogut thinks Josh Giddey will be the greatest Australian player ever

When fans think of Australian players who’ve played in the NBA throughout history, one of the first names that come to mind is likely center Andrew Bogut.

Bogut spent 14 seasons in the NBA, where he was taken No. 1 in the 2005 draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. Injuries hampered his tenure in the league, but he enjoyed a career resurgence with the Golden State Warriors. In his five seasons with the Warriors, he was the starting center for the first four years as they won a championship with him.

Bogut played an instrumental part in the beginning of the Warriors’ dynasty.

Another Australian who could soon join Bogut’s company is Josh Giddey, who’s been marvelous for the Oklahoma City Thunder in his first two seasons in the league. The Thunder selected Giddey No. 6 in the 2021 draft and has spent the last two seasons sharing a backcourt with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

In an interview with Sportal’s Christos Tsaltas, Bogut said he thinks Giddey could go down as the greatest player in Australian history.

“He’s been great. Josh was labeled as not athletic and not fast enough; ‘What is he, a one or a two?’ He’s a basketball player. He just knows how to play. His development has been sensational. He’s always had the ability to rebound and pass. I think the scoring was the biggest question and he’s proven he can get to the paint. His 3-point shot is getting better and better. He’s putting a lot of work into his 3-point shot this season again. He’s still not where he wants to be, but he’s getting better, better and better. I’m excited. He’s going to be the greatest Australian player to play in the NBA. He’s gonna break a lot of records for Australian players with points, rebounds, assists and all those things. I’m also excited for him and OKC. I think OKC has a very young and talented team that I think in a year or two, is gonna be one of the teams to beat in the Western Conference — especially when they go out and sign maybe another star or another veteran that can come and help. I think they have a chance to be very good.”

That’s some high praise to receive from Bogut, who is a legend in Australia himself.

Considering how much Giddey has already accomplished in his first two seasons, the 20-year-old will definitely have enough time to make Bogut’s prediction come true. Especially if he continues to develop at the rate he has so far in his young career.

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