Andrew Bogut on Klay Thompson: ‘He’s the most non-chalant All-Star I’ve been around’

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“He’s actually a pretty interesting guy, as the media and people are starting to see the last couple of years with his boat, his dog, hiking and going to the beach,” Bogut said in a phone interview. “He’s really quirky and the reason I like him as an NBA player is he doesn’t follow the mantra of what he should be. “He’s the most nonchalant All-Star I’ve been around in my career. Just an everyday normal guy that’s happy with the silliest of things at times. He’s not too worried about that NBA life of sports cars and all that kind of stuff.”
Source: Tim Kawakami @ The Athletic

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Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
In 2017, KD, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson averaged this in the regular season:
72.5 Points
40 3P%
9.5 3PA
Good morning. AM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Two off days before the Warriors’ home game Sunday against the Cavaliers. Steve Kerr not yet ready to officially dub it Klay Thompson’s return night. Said “that’ll be up to Rick (Celebrini).” Day off Friday, practice Saturday. – 10:49 PM

Adam Lauridsen @GSWFastBreak
Kerr stocking up on losses before Klay comes back. They’ll be hard to come by after Sunday. – 10:48 PM

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Warriors will have tomorrow off. Kerr said he expects Rick Celebrini to make a decision re: Klay on Saturday. – 10:47 PM

Andrew Bogut @RogueBoguesPod
The Basketball Series is back!
Join @andrewbogut and @HoopConsultants via @getcallin for the QnA section of the Basketball Podcast – Episode 48.
Don’t miss it!
🗓Sunday 9th January – 12pm Melb/Syd
Saturday 8th January – 7pm Central, USA…10:16 PM

Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
Evan Fournier is just the sixth player in NBA history to score 40+ points and make 10+ three-pointers on fewer than 15 three-point attempts.
Other five players in this club are Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kemba Walker, Fred VanVleet and Ray Allen – 10:01 PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Word is Moses Moody has looked good in some recent practices and should be some part of the Warriors’ rotation tonight. Hit several 3s during that Klay scrimmage in Denver. – 8:22 PM

Mark Haynes @markhaynesnba
Steve Kerr on what makes Steph Curry and Klay Thompson together special:
“They each make the other one better by being such a threat and drawing so much attention.” PM

Jake Madison @NOLAJake
Pelicans were given a gift tonight. No Steph Curry. No Draymond Green. Somehow Klay didn’t make his return against the Pels. Gotta win this one – 6:50 PM

Malika Andrews @malika_andrews
With Klay Thompson’s return quickly approaching, Steph Curry, in his own words, on his Splash Brother: PM

Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Only one team has two All-Star starters on my “for now” ballot. Thoughts on Klay/Kyrie, Cade/Mobley and Myles Turner to the Knicks (my idea): PM

Sean Highkin @highkin
Interesting to me that Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson are both in the top 10 of All-Star voting despite having not played a single game (prior to Kyrie last night) while Ben Simmons is not. – 1:40 PM

Adam Wexler @AdamJWexler
First fan returns of @NBAAllStar Voting. Klay Thompson has 367, 743 votes (4th among West guards). Kyrie Irving has 267,929 votes (6th among East guards) PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
First returns on All-Star voting. Devin Booker and Chris Paul are 5th and 6th among Western Conference guards, behind Klay Thompson, who has not played this season. Deandre Ayton is 10th among frontcourt players in the West: PM

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Ahead of Klay Thompson’s (likely) return Sunday against Cleveland, I looked at the 11 biggest questions surrounding his first time donning No. 11 in an NBA game in 30 months:…8:47 AM

Kane Pitman @KanePitman
A snippet from my chat with San Antonio Spurs big man Jock Landale. Jock outlines the support he has received from his Boomers teammates, including Joe Ingles, Patty Mills and Andrew Bogut as he navigates his rookie season in the NBA.
Full chat: PM

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“I still remember in the 2016 Olympics, we’re all staying in the village,” Bogut said. “The USA (men’s basketball team), as you know, they’re too big-time for the village. They have them on a cruise liner or whatever they stay at. But we get back from practice one day, like middle of the tournament, got off the bus and in the village we’re walking to our residences. And I see Klay. As I’m on the bus I see Klay just walking around, Team USA gear, headphones on, just walking by himself. “So I jump off the bus, I’m like, ‘Klay, what are you doing, man?’ Say hello to him. He goes, ‘Yeah, I just wanted to come see the village.’ He just came by himself, no security, no other players with him. Then he’s like, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘I’m just going back to the Australian quarters.’ And he’s, ‘Can I come with you?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, no worries.’ -via The Athletic / January 7, 2022

“And he came with us, hung out with a few of our players, because he knows Aron Baynes and Brock Motum. Came and said hello to them. And then fast-forward two or three hours later, I thought he’d left. I walked downstairs to go to dinner or whatever and he’s downstairs playing ping-pong with, like, someone from the athletics team on the Australian national team, you know?” -via The Athletic / January 7, 2022

Pachulia, now a Warriors executive, has spent the last few weeks in Europe for the holidays (and watching his sons in a youth basketball tournament), but he’s absolutely making sure he’ll be back in San Francisco for whenever Klay is set to return. I’ve heard a lot of Warriors people get emotional talking about the anticipation for this. But Pachulia topped them all. “I can’t wait!” Pachulia said with a bellow. “It’s been an extremely long two years. Especially the last stretch, that’s been the longest. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t imagine the energy we’re going to have in Chase Center for that game. I don’t know how he’s going to sleep the night before. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep the night before.” -via The Athletic / January 7, 2022