Andre Iguodala on Warriors' winning culture: 'He sets the foundation...'

NBC Sports Bay Area staff
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A lot of people deserve credit for the Warriors' success over the last four seasons. Larry Riley. Mark Jackson. Joe Lacob. Peter Guber. Steve Kerr. Bob Myers. Andre Iguodala. Klay Thompson. Draymond Green. Kevin Durant.

Those names are among the many that have contributed to three championships in four years and four straight NBA Finals appearances.

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But the Warriors will always be Stephen Curry's franchise.

Iguodala, who appeared on the Sports Business Radio Podcast this week, made that fact very clear.

"We've been able to build a really stable culture, what we stand for and I think that starts with Steph Curry, who was here before all of us. Just what the team was trying to build as far as type of character and player they wanted. And he has a very strong personality, and I say that as far as, he won't waver as far as who he is as a person. You're never going to work wondering what he's going to be like on that particular day. I've known him for four or five years and he's the same person every single day, you know, just a solid human being. The six billion people on the planet, it's very rare that you run into a guy like that. So he sets the foundation and his talent is just unique as well," Iguodala said.

The belief that their culture has helped attract free agents is indeed true, according to the three-time champion.

"People just enjoy doing their job at the purest form and that's what we try to do. And that's how we were able to go out and get free agents and say 'Here, you want to play basketball the way it's supposed to be played and want to have doing it?'" Iguodala said.

"Guys just want to be part of something special and they want to be able to smile when they go to work and we've tried to build that environment," Iguodala said.

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