Andre Iguodala literally pulled the chair on Louis Williams (VIDEO)

The Philadelphia 76ers have had a rough second half of the season. At one point, they looked a good bet to finish with a record good enough to earn home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Now, with four games left to play in the regular season, they're only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks for the final postseason berth in the East. While they look likely to get there, it's still been a very disappointing turn of events, particularly with Doug Collins possibly losing the team. It's as if the Sixers thought things would be perfectly comfortable in 2012 but then got taken by surprise.

Team leader Andre Iguodala must have noticed, because, as the video above from the Yahoo! Sports Minute shows, he put together a perfect analogy for Philly's season in the midst of Wednesday night's comfortable 103-87 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. During a timeout, teammate Louis Williams assumed that he'd have a safe seat on the bench. Because he's a total prankasaurus, though, Iguodala pushed up the seat bottom so Williams would fall on his butt. The whole team must have gone to see the "Three Stooges" remake last weekend, because that's some classic comedy.

As most basketball fans know, "pulling the chair" is usually slang for when a defender lets a player fall into a traveling violation in the post. We should applaud Iguodala for making the term literal. In the playoffs, perhaps we'll see him try to upset the top-seeded Chicago Bulls. Yeah, the Sixers might not win four games, but wait until you see how mad Derrick Rose gets when they steal his candy.

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