Andre Iguodala hilariously checks Jonathan Kuminga after Warriors return

Iguodala hilariously puts JK in check after Warriors return originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Andre Iguodala wasted no time with his leadership duties after announcing he will return to the Warriors for his 19th NBA season.

Shortly after the big announcement, Jonathan Kuminga congratulated the veteran forward and welcomed him back to the team only to be put in check by Iguodala with a friendly reminder.

"I'm looking forward to playing, but I'm on Kuminga, I'm on Moses Moody, and I'm on the young fellas," Iguodala said on his "Point Forward" podcast on Friday. "And I'm letting them know, 'Listen, if I get on this court, you ain't doing something right. There's no way you should allow me to get on the court.'

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"And that's just something I'm feeding to those guys and making sure that when I walk away, everything's taken care of."

Classic. And Iguodala is not playing.

Last season, Kuminga, then a rookie, was put in a situation where he was able to watch and learn up close how to be a professional from the veteran players around him.

And although Kuminga said every veteran player was a mentor to him, the 19-year-old admitted that Iguodala played a significant role in his development last season. Iguodala even revealed that when Kuminga struggled last season, the latter often came up to the former for advice.


Iguodala, 38, is the most experienced Warriors player on the roster, winning four championships and one Finals MVP over the course of his nearly 20-year career.

His unique contributions were greater than his stats last year and helped lead the team to their fourth title in eight seasons.

The team, particularly the young guys, consistently praised Iguodala’s guidance and mentorship which helped them improve and learn how to become a champion.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr complimented the style of how Iguodala counsels the team with humor and sarcasm “in a way that only Andre can.”


And even though Iguodala said he wants no part of the "player-coach" role, it's clear that the players respect and listen to him like a coach.

Iguodala now will officially return to Golden State where his value from the sideline will be just as powerful as his value on the floor -- in true Iguodala fashion, of course.

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