Andre Iguodala heaps praise onto championship winning teammate

Draymond Green isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you mention the Golden State Warriors. Playing alongside Steph Curry and Klay Thompson has ensured that Green is often overlooked as a significant part of the Warriors’ championship roster construction. Yet, Green’s defense and ability to read the game have been integral to the franchise’s success over the past decade.

When speaking to Gilbert Arenas, as part of his appearance on the ‘Gils Arena podcast,’ Andre Iguodala praised Green’s impact on the Warriors. Iguodala noted how Green’s desire and ability to ‘figure out a way to win’ has been incredibly important to his team over the years.

“I don’t care what you say about him,” Iguodala said. “This dude will figure out a way to win at whatever he’s doing. I’ve seen him compete in so many things…It may not show up on the stat sheet, it may not show up in a form, but he just figures out a way to win. And for him to be 6’5” and a half, to play the position he plays, and be able to get a triple-double without scoring two points – crazy stuff like that – you’ve gotta respect it. It’s very valuable. There’s leadership qualities to those type of guys, moreso than the guys with all the skills. We’re following Steph, but Draymond is going to take us to [a different] place.”

Green has evolved into the ultimate glue guy for the Warriors. A brilliant defensive IQ, and exceptional ability to read the game, have allowed Green to remain integral to a team that has consistently been among the best in league history.

Golden State clearly values what Green brings to the table, which is why they recently signed him to a four-year $100 million extension. With Green committed to the Warriors for the remainder of his career, it will be interesting to see if he can help lead his team to a fifth, and possibly sixth, championship banner.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire