Andre Iguodala celebrates game-winning jumper by leaving dudes hanging (Video)

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The only thing better than watching a buzzer-beating game-winner that sends your favorite team to a thrilling victory over a great opponent is sitting close enough to be able to literally touch the man who hit said game-winner, to share your enthusiasm with him, to exult in the moment and celebrate together as if you are part of the team. Having a front-row seat for the Golden State Warriors' win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, and being right next to the Dubs' bench, and seeing conquering hero Andre Iguodala coming your way ... I mean, what a moment to be a fan! Times like these make plunking down all that scratch for front-row seats worth it.

Unless you're those last two guys, that is. Then, all the enthusiasm that's been mounting and building fizzles into the whoops-side-slapping of air, the ineffectual waving of a noodle-wand into an area occupied by Not Iguodala's Hand. Oh, well. The points stayed on the board, at least.

Iguodala — who finished with 14 points on 5 for 6 shooting, nine assists against one turnover, one steal, one block and strong perimeter defense in 37 1/2 minutes — becomes the latest NBA luminary to get caught leaving ecstatic fans high and dry, joining LeBron James and Chandler Parsons, among others. Don't be too hard on him, though — he's probably got a lot on his mind, like how amazing it is that he's shooting just under 71 percent at the rim, 75 percent from midrange and 50 percent from 3-point range this season, has a 2.75-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio, and is putting the clamps on all sorts of dangerous scorers for a Golden State team that's looking like one of the NBA's very best teams through the first few weeks of the season. When you're reflecting on the good fortune that comes with such a wonderful fit, sometimes slapping everyone five just slips your mind. It's classic workplace distraction, right up there with Carol, Erin, Carl and Eric talking about "The Big Bang Theory" over their cubicle walls.

Video via @cjzero. Hat-tip to The Starters' Trey Kerby.

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