Andre Fili responds to 'fake' Conor McGregor after Irishman called him a gay slur

Conor McGregor is back in the limelight … just not for the right reasons. (Getty)
Conor McGregor is back in the limelight … just not for the right reasons. (Getty)

After beating Conor McGregor’s training partner at UFC Gdansk over the weekend, Andre Fili didn’t take to kindly to being called an anti-gay slur by the UFC lightweight champion.

McGregor was caught on camera using the slur to refer to Fili while speaking to Artem Lobov after he dropped a unanimous decision to Fill.

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Fili addressed McGregor’s use of the word to and went as far as suggesting that the Irishman was being “fake” with him.

“There’s no need to use words like that,” Fili said. “You don’t need to demean other people to make yourself seem bigger. Whenever you hear someone use that word or call someone a ‘bitch,’ that makes you look so insecure.”

Fili admits that seeing McGregor cageside fired him up for his fight against Lobov. He turned in a dominant performance and McGregor later congratulated him for it. But then Fili heard about what McGregor said and took issue with it.

“Don’t be fake with me,” Fili said. “I’m as real a person as you’re going to meet. You’re always going to know where you stand with me. For him to say what he said and then turn right around and act like we’re cool, that’s so fake.”

Fili bounced back from a loss and is looking to face Too Ho Choi in his next fight. As for McGregor and Lobov, Fili’s performance had Lobov questioning his future in MMA and the Russian suggested he’d like to box Paulie Malignaggi next. And, as you can imagine, Malignaggi caught wind of Lobov’s suggestion and offered to box both Lobov and McGregor on the same night.

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