Andre Drummond doesn’t need a ball to practice his handle in the airport (Videos)

On one hand, sure, this might not be as impressive as Nate Robinson doing the same thing with a basketball. On the other, it is always more entertaining to watch 6-foot-10, 290-pound behemoths try to do little-man things, even if they don't have basketballs, especially in the context of between-terminal travel.

To go Goro with it, on a third hand, I feel like that little Honky Tonk Man hip-swivel in the second Vine would be the kind of thing a sharp defender would be able to time and read pretty easily to poke the ball away on a crossover. On that fourth hand, though, this sort of space work will really come in handy when Hollywood finally comes to its senses, reboots "Above the Rim" and comes looking for a 21st century Shep. I'm not totally sure the Detroit Pistons center has Léon-quality chops, but I believe he's got the work ethic to get there, if we'd only give him a chance.

Hat-tip to Scott at CrabDribbles.

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