Anderson Silva agrees to launch fighter advocacy group alongside Jake Paul if he loses upcoming boxing match

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Jake Paul is known to make bets ahead of his boxing matches and that turned out to be no different for his bout vs. Anderson Silva.

At a pre-fight news conference held Thursday at Gila River Arena, the same venue that hosts Saturday’s event, Paul revealed his newest wagering terms.

“I have a bet,” Paul said eagerly. “I have a bet. I have a bet for you, Anderson. It’s a good one. It’s a good one. So, look. If you win, I’ll give you something that you probably want.”

Silva interjected, “No tattoos. No tattoos.”

Paul continued on, “If you win, I will fight you in an MMA fight.”

Silva laughed at the initial offer, “Woah, you so smart because you know I don’t fight MMA anymore. You so smart.”

Paul tweaked and countered, “Kickboxing. I got you.”

Silva seemed much more OK with that offer, “Kickboxing?” Silva said. All right, kickboxing.”

But what if Paul wins? He laid out the catch, “If I win, me and you come together to create a united fighter’s association to help UFC fighters get better pay and better healthcare,” Paul said. “You become the interim president and we unite to help these fighters once and for all.

Without hesitation, Silva was in, “Deal,” Silva said. “Deal. Deal.”

The two shook – a friendly gentlemen’s bet solidified.

Since his entrance into the world of combat sports, Paul has taken aim at the UFC and its president Dana White, particularly over the issues of MMA fighter pay and healthcare. While Paul continues to inject the issue into public conversation, followers of his career question if his motivation is for attention and promotion or to actually fix perceived issues.

Either way, it’s a reoccurring theme for Paul. As for Silva, he’s largely taken the middle ground when it comes to fighter pay and healthcare. Now, he’s seemingly one loss away from taking a side.

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