Anderson Jr. headlines DROY candidates

Chris Simms and Connor Rogers analyze the current Defensive Rookie of the Year odds in the NFL, paced by Texans linebacker Will Anderson Jr..

Video Transcript

- So we close out the defense looking at the Defensive Rookie of the Year odds in this group. Pretty wide open. I mean, there's a lot of value plays. Of course, the top starts with Will Anderson for Houston at +350, and then after that, Simms are you surprised Jalen Carter is at +800? That is very, very low. Do they think he's just not going to play enough?

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- That's what I took it as. Like, he might not start. He's going to be part of the rotation, so he won't get those chances to get the sacks and the numbers and all that. So that's where I could see that, certainly. Man, Nolan Smith, the other one you look at, it's the same thing though. I just think it's a lot of guys there.

- Hassan Reddick is there in front of him. They're in the same role.

- So not a ton of reps right away, right?

- What about Campbell? I mean, he's going to probably have a million tackles this year, and he's all the way down at +1,800.

- Hm.

- You almost miss him on this list.

- You do.


- [LAUGHTER] It's like why is he down there?

- He could definitely rack up the stats. Again, I think a guy like Deonte Banks in New York with what he'll be asked to do, I do think will put the spotlight on him to where he'll have a chance maybe where people would be like, hey man, this Deonte Banks. I mean, they're asking him to play man-to-man every week, and he's doing good to where that could catch on fire, right? But I still think like when all is said and done, I would err here on Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson, and Devin Witherspoon. Those would be the ones that would make me feel the most comfortable.

- Yeah.

- I know Will Anderson. Again, I'm a little hater on the Will Anderson thing. I understand that, but he's certainly going to have his opportunities coming off the edge in Houston.


- I think on the flip side, though, to your point, why would you not focus your attention on blocking Will Anderson? Like, he's not going to a great defense right away.

- Absolutely, and there's nobody on their D-line that you would go you don't have to worry about him.

- If he has a hot start--

- You're right. He might be the most-- that's a great point. He might be the marked man right off the bat, which actually hurts him. Right. Right.

- Our last couple defensive rookies.

- Anybody there that you like? Anybody?

- I like the value on Campbell at +1,800. That's my that's my super, super long shot.

- Right.


- But I always do what you do with this, and I did this with Sauce last year, you go with the most talent. The most talent's Devon Witherspoon to me in that spot. If Jalen Carter is not going to get enough opportunity, Will Anderson is going to have a problem of being the guy already on that defense.

- Right.

- Witherspoon is just too good.

- Yeah.

- And Seattle is going to be good.

- Seattle is going to be good, I agree. And where I could think he could-- hey, like you said, stats, highlights, things like that are what get you Rookie of the Year.

- He's loud. It matters. Like, people gravitated to Sauce, and Sauce isn't necessarily loud, but he's got flash.


- He's got flash. He's got flair. He's loud without talking.

- Yeah.

- That's where Sauce has got an amazing ability.

- Yeah. He had the cheesehead moment.

- Exactly.

- Of course.

- Exactly right.

- Witherspoon--

- Getting to the playoffs is easier now.

- Yes. Yes.

- As he said last week.

- Yes. [LAUGHTER] Incredible quote. Oh man, he has not been riding with the Jets that long clearly. So the last couple of winners here, Sauce Gardner of course last year, Micah Parsons the year before that, Chase Young, Nick Bosa, and Shaq Leonard. So an award that probably benefits you to be playing in the front seven.

- Yeah. Front seven.


- Corners, I mean, Marshon Lattimore and Sauce Gardner in the last couple of years, you could have a good corner season and win this award.

- Definitely. I think it's-- everybody notices a good corner now. As much throwing as we have, as many great receivers as we have, you don't have to have the stats at corner. Like I said, if it just starts to get the talk, like it did with Sauce last year. What did Sauce have, 2 interceptions last year?

- Yeah. Not much.

- Yeah. Not much, right?

- Mostly forced incompletions.

- Exactly. So that's all you need.

- Yeah.

- And then you just go through games, all of a sudden you start to go, wait, they play this team and this guy had no catch. Why was that? Oh, Sauec, and that starts to gain steam that way to where I certainly could see that happening.


- The analysis of the cornerback position has gotten a lot better--

- It has.

- --over the last couple years. It used to be if like if you had 8 interceptions, you were the greatest corner in the world.

- I was-- I'm going to blank on this name. Oh, damn. He was a UCLA corner. He was with me in Tennessee Titans. He signed a big contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

- Oh, this is going to drive me nuts too. We're going to find it.

- Pete's heard me say this before, Alterraun Verner.

- Oh my god. Of course. Yes. Gerat call back.

- I believe he-- well, he ended up getting franchised or big money because of interceptions and whatever else. And, again, I'm not trying to-- Alterraun was a very good player. But because of the stats, all I'm just trying to say-- as people thought like, oh, he's a shutdown, one of the best corners in football, where, again, I'm on the Tennessee Titan team, and maybe had moved on, and he was still there when all this was happening, but it was going-- like, see, this is where the disconnect is.


Like, the stats, everybody's look at that going, hey, this guy's the best corner in football, and I'm going what? Like, he was good zone player, but, I mean, it's not Darrelle Revis or anything like that. And that's, to your point, where things have been corrected better and people evaluate it for what it is more.

- Yeah. He had 5 picks and 22 passes defended in 2013 with Tennessee. Never had double digit passes defended again ever after that.

- So it was 2013.

- It was.

- Was there other year where he had a bunch of interceptions?

- No.

- No. It was just that year.

- No. Just that year.

- So he rode that year into a big contract with the Bucs.


- Second Team All-Pro, Pro Bowl player that year, and that was that.

- Right

- So that's a great callback. And yeah, the analysis of the position has changed.

- Yeah.

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