Anderson Cooper confronts ex-QAnon believer: 'You actually believed that I was drinking the blood of children?'

In a CNN Special Report on QAnon that aired over the weekend, Anderson Cooper got an apology from a former QAnon follower who used to believe that the CNN host ate babies and drank the blood of children. QAnon followers believe in an array of wild conspiracies, among them that world leaders, Democrats and Hollywood A-listers belong to a Satanic cabal of pedophilic cannibals who drink the blood of children. For Jitarth Jadeja of Australia, who stopped believing in QAnon in the summer of 2019, Cooper was one of them.

“Did you, at the time, believe that Democrats, high-level Democrats and celebrities were worshipping Satan, drinking the blood of children?” Cooper asked. “Anderson, I thought you did that,” Jadeja replied. “And I would like to apologize for that right now. So I apologize for thinking that you ate babies.” “You actually believed that I was drinking the blood of children?” Cooper pressed. “Yes, I did,” Jadeja answered.

Jadeja went on to tell Cooper that some QAnon followers don’t just believe he drinks the blood of children, but that he’s also a robot. Jadeja told Cooper there’s nothing he can do to change their minds..

“I’ve tried to engage sometimes with people who contact me,” Cooper said, “and there is no rational way to, you know, to prove you haven't committed a crime.” “There's nothing you can say,” Jadeja told Cooper. “Whatever you do or don't do will be more proof of your guilt, right?”