Analytics models love the Vikings trade down in round 4

The Minnesota Vikings chose to move down in the fourth round at the 119th overall, acquiring the 134th pick and a 2024 fourth round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs. The move is similar to the trade the Vikings made last year to select Akayleb Evans, where the Vikings traded a 2022 fifth round pick and a 2023 fourth round pick to get him at 118th overall.

The trade charts tell a slightly different tale about the move, with the market value charts seeing the trade about average and the analytical-based charts viewing this move with elite value.

It was split between the traditional Jimmy Johnson and Rich Hill charts, but they are about equal in value. The analytical charts love the move, with the financial-based Fitzgerald-Spielberger chart having the Vikings getting 54.3% more value than the Chiefs.

The Vikings are likely to have to send their own fifth round pick to the Eagles in the Jalen Reagor trade, and this move replaces that pick.

In 2024, the Vikings are projected to have picks in the following rounds.

  • First round-1

  • Second round-1

  • Third round-0

  • Fourth round-2

  • Fifth round-1

  • Sixth round-1

  • Seventh round-0

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire