Analyst sees Ja’Marr Chase as wrong choice for the Bengals

Reuniting former teammates Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase seemed like the easy choice for the Cincinnati Bengals during this year’s NFL Draft, and while the Bengals couldn’t pass up this opportunity, many believe this wasn’t the right choice.

Sources say both Burrow and Chase are excited to hit the field together in the upcoming NFL season, but Bengals fans were hoping to bring in top offensive tackle Penei Sewell from Oregon.

It’s no secret the Bengals still need major improvement to their offensive line in order to see success from the quarterback and receiver duo. In fact, the lack of protection from the offensive line resulted in the injury that kept Burrow out for the remainder of last year’s season.

ESPN’s Ryan Clark elaborated on the Bengals pick saying, “it’s not what we wanted, it’s not what we needed.”


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He went on to say the last time Burrow was seen on the field was being carried off, and as a result, more protection is necessary.

“When the last picture you have of your superstar, young quarterback is him getting carted off the Field at FedEx Stadium, that’s not what you want to see. Conventional minds and minds that think long-term say, ‘Let’s protect him.’ At No. 5 in this draft was Penei Sewell. Obviously, the best offensive lineman in the draft, a tackle that you plug and place the day he walks into your building and you passed on him.”

Clark reiterated his respect for Chase as a player, but he is firm in his belief that this just wasn’t the necessary choice for Cincinnati.


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