Amy Palcic reflects on “most humiliating day of my life”

Mike Florio
·1 min read

Former Texans P.R. director Amy Palcic has become over the past 24 hours one of the best-known figures in the NFL, sparked by the team’s abrupt, stunning, and arguably politically-motivated decision to fire her.

On Thursday morning, she posted this message on Twitter: “On what was arguably the most humiliating day of my life, people showed up — my friends, colleagues, total strangers. PR can often be a thankless job. We live behind the scenes lifting others up. A great reminder that being a good person matters in the long run. THANK YOU.”

Palcic reportedly was told that she was no longer a “cultural fit,” an assessment that continues to make no sense for a team that will hire within the next two months a new G.M. and a new head coach. As noted earlier, the timeline makes reasonable the suspicion that the firing resulted from frustration by someone in the Texans organization who found unpalatable the results of the presidential election, given that Palcic showed subtle but unmistakable support on social media for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Her characterization of the day as “humiliating” invites speculation as to whether the communication of the news was in some way bungled, haphazard, or insensitive. Whether she tells the whole story on the record remains to be seen; any severance package offered by the Texans surely will include language that secures from her a commitment to not disparage the franchise.

Amy Palcic reflects on “most humiliating day of my life” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk