Amy Adams Strunk: We considered Mike Vrabel trade, but process would take too long

When the Titans fired head coach Mike Vrabel on Tuesday, many people reacted by saying they think Vrabel will quickly land another head coaching job and wondered why the Titans didn't move to trade Vrabel to another team.

During an interview with team media later in the day, Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk was asked whether that was a consideration for the team. Strunk's answer referenced the time it would take for a team to comply with NFL rules governing a coaching search and what it would mean for her team's own ability to look for their next head coach.

"Yes there was, but there’s a bit of misconception about a coach’s contract versus a player’s contract," Strunk said. "A coach’s contract — you can’t trade them unless they’re a willing partner to that trade. So yes we thought about it, but at the end of the day, with league rules the way they are, it would have maybe put us back three weeks. Honestly, to get the right head coach, I was not willing to go to the back of the line and take a chance of missing out on someone we really wanted."

There's been no reports of the Titans requesting interviews with head coaching candidates, but those requests will presumably be coming soon given the Titans' desire to get the ball rolling on finding Vrabel's successor.