New Amsterdam boss addresses break-up scene

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Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

New Amsterdam season 4 spoilers follow.

New Amsterdam creator David Schulner has shared his writing team's reluctance to break up Leyla Shinwari and Lauren Bloom in a heart-breaking mid-season finale scene.

The truth finally came out in last week's episode when Leyla learned her girlfriend had essentially purchased her a residency at the hospital by making a sizable donation.

While Dr Bloom argued she was investing in her partner's career, Leyla cut off their relationship because she felt the doctor was trying to manipulate her.

Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

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If you were devastated by the brutal scene where Leyla told Bloom that what they had was "not love", rest assured that the writers were just as distraught about bringing it screens.

"We hated to do it. We hated writing it. We hated filming it," Schulner told TVLine. "We love them together. But Bloom needed to pay the consequences for doing something behind Leyla’s back [which was] morally questionable.

"So we had to give Bloom her comeuppance. None of us liked what we had to do, but it's what Bloom deserved, unfortunately."

The writer previewed the episodes ahead as Janet Montgomery explores the "depth of despair and vulnerability" as she tries to get over Leyla.

Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

"Their situation becomes so much more complicated now that this is out, and going forward, it takes some pretty unexpected turns that both bring them together and pull them apart, simultaneously. So it's a really incredible ride," Schulner said.

Bloom and Leyla aren't the only couple facing huge changes, as Lyn Malvo and Floyd Reynolds deal with their own life-changing news.

New Amsterdam airs on NBC in America, while Amazon Prime Video and NOW carry the show in the UK. It's also available on All4.

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