Amir Johnson picks up a stray camera after a play, decides to snap some pictures (Video)

We’ve long admired Toronto Raptors forward/center Amir Johnson. He’s had the unfortunate task of playing on some rather bland teams over the course of his career, while being moved in and out of rotations by four different coaches since 2007. Johnson has steadily cut down on his fouls over the last few years, and has rounded into a capable body in the paint that you can trust …

… to take pretty pictures of his teammates, while in said paint.

When Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer accidentally kicked a cameraman’s camera out of his grasp in the second quarter of Toronto’s eventual 101-98 win on Tuesday, Johnson decided to pick up the discarded camera and take a few shots of his Raptor mates following Terrence Ross’ nice lay-in. Watch:

To see how Boozer dislodged the camera, watch this clip:

Johnson played well in the win, sopping up nearly 46 minutes to aid Toronto’s dilapidated frontcourt as the Raps downed the just-as-dilapidated Bulls. Amir hit for 13 points and 11 rebounds as Toronto prevailed, moving him ever so much closer to averaging double-figure points in a season for the first time in his career.

No word on if any of the shots — especially one of the clearly posing Rudy Gay — turned out. If they do, they’ll certainly be far less frightening than Amir’s last infamous run-in with a camera.

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