Amid all the LeBron hype, some much-needed understatement

Thank you, Random Cleveland Cavaliers Fan With Subpar Handwriting. Thanks for being the hero we all needed — if not necessarily the hero that your fellow fans might have wanted — Thursday night.

It all started so simply. You were on your way to the Quicken Loans Arena to watch a certain special somebody who now plays for the Miami Heat take on your beloved Cavs on Thursday night. You saw everyone around you brandishing signs and T-shirts emblazoned with slogans like "Quitness," "The Lyin' King" and the considerably less nuanced "Kiss My Ass, LeBron." You saw those signs, and then a branded, rectangular surface, and you saw an opportunity. And then you seized it.

You diabolical leveling agent, you. I applaud your hastily scrawled handiwork, and I hope the white towel with which the Cavaliers front office chose to provide you and your fellow fans — kind of appropriate, considering how the Cavs all but quit in the second quarter, isn't it? — tastes of, if not victory, then at least cherry Airheads.

Oh, and judging by what he did to your squad on the scoreboard, Sparky? I'd venture to say LeBron James(notes) might not be all that fond of you guys, either.

Image via the screencap genius at 30fps.

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