America's No. 1 golf course to allow women for first time

Kendall Baker

Pine Valley, home to the No. 1-ranked golf course in the U.S., voted this weekend to allow female members and unrestricted women's play for the first time in its 108-year history, Golf Digest reports.

Details: The exclusive club is located in the tiny town of Pine Valley, New Jersey, which is 20 miles south of Philadelphia and has just one public road.

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  • The town's 23 houses are owned by Pine Valley members, and the land is leased from the golf club, which also delivers the mail.

  • The club has a secret list of 1,000 members, which is believed to include/have included notable names like George H.W. Bush, Sean Connery, Jack Nicklaus and Roger Goodell.

  • Previously, women could only play as guests on Sunday afternoons, and there was a time when they weren't even allowed on the property.

The big picture: Of the 3,670 private golf clubs in the U.S. today, fewer than a dozen remain men's only.

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