American stadiums will shed corporate names for World Cup

If you think the NFL has plenty of power and influence, you haven't paid much attention to FIFA.

When FIFA says jump, the response isn't, "How high?" The response is jump.

Every single command is followed. Every need is satisfied. Every preference is met.

And it's not just the installation of pristine grass fields in stadiums that currently force football players to play full-contact tackle football on the fake stuff. It's also about the removal of the name of the stadium from the stadium for the event.

AT&T Stadium will not be AT&T Stadium. It will be Dallas Stadium. MetLife Stadium will not be MetLife Stadium. It will be New York New Jersey Stadium.

That's because FIFA prohibits stadium names from companies that aren't FIFA sponsors.

And it's not just something that will be relevant during the broadcast of the games. Signage undoubtedly will have to be covered, if not removed. FIFA surely will insist on no evidence whatsoever of any reference to the non-FIFA sponsor that has otherwise paid to sponsor the stadium.

Whether that puts the owners of the stadiums in breach of contract with the companies who bought the naming rights doesn't matter. If you want to host the games, you have to do whatever FIFA wants.