‘America’s Got Talent’ judges give hilarious responses to tweets from fans

Superfan TV

The judges on America’s Got Talent normally dole out the commentary on the show, but they thought they’d mix it up a bit and see what the Twitterverse has to say about them.

Howie Mandel was slightly offended by the tweet, “Howie is cute. But he reminds me too much of Lex Luthor.” While the comedian didn’t like the tweet, Simon Cowell thought said he would take it as “a complement.”

Cowell however was not thrilled when one person tweeted, “AGT made Simon Cowell so soft. I want Simon the savage back the one who crushed dreams and made people cry for fun.” Cowell tersely replied, “F**k off.”

But the funniest response any of the judges gave was probably after Heidi Klum read the tweet, “I always knew Heidi was a reptile. Anyways that was amazing AGT.” Heidi made a hilarious face in response, upsetting Mel B in the process.

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