America is ‘in big trouble’ says former Russian intelligence officer

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On The Plot Against America, former FBI Special Agent Dennis Franks enlisted the help of two former Russian intelligence officers while investigating possible Russian infiltration of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and they painted a grim picture of America’s counterintelligence against Russian espionage. American intelligence officials believe there are over a thousand Russian spies operating on U.S. soil. The former Russian officers said there are more spies in the U.S. now than during the Cold War and had an explanation as to why.

“Thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union, [the] political climate has changed. No one is paying attention to accent. No one’s gonna ask if you’re Russian. No one is freaking out anymore. So [it's] way easier to infiltrate United States right now for Russians,” one of the former officers said.

When asked about Russian intelligence operations, the former officer simply said that America is in big trouble, and that there are Russian spies targeting and recruiting Americans to work for them. One of the former officers blamed the sudden influx of Russian spies into the U.S. on 9/11. He said the U.S. was focused more on terrorism than what Russia was doing while Russia was still focused on the U.S.

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