Amazon worker wages

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Amazon may one of the most valuable companies in the world - clocking in at over $750 billion - but half of Amazon's employees earned a lot less than the big boss... The median pay to work at Amazon last year was $28,446 and half of those employees earned less than that - meanwhile- Bezos took home $1.68 million last year in total compensation or 59 times more than the median salaried Amazon employee.

--- The week started off talking about employees peeing in bottles because they couldn't get to the bathroom during a break. Now this?

In a comparison - the median salary of a Facebook employee was more than $240,000. Why the big difference?

Bezos said in his letter to shareholders- in part- that Amazon created more than 130,000 jobs last year- not counting acquisition and that the new jobs cover a range of professions from AI scientist to fulfillment center associates...

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